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"Irasshaimase!" is the first word I learned in Japan: every time I went into a shop or restaurant, this word resonated cordially in the air, warming my heart. 

It's a simple greeting, a sort of "welcome!", but for some reason I am convinced that it has a sort of magical power in business, because my bank account ran dry, in Japan!


Today, October 8th, is a great day to be alive: our official store is finally open, and there are even more than three miniatures inside (how far we've come!).

Ok, compared to our competitors, it may be a bit 'small, true, but this is just the beginning and one day, when your nephews will play with the 13th edition of "Into the Quest: the game", you can say: "I was there, when it all began".

"And it was better than nowadays" (yes, we also will be grumpy, as our grandfathers are.)


Forgive me, I seem to have lost my train of thought. In this store, you can finally recruit our dwarfier-then-ever Iron Crows (and the other dwarves of Kazhuk Izril, of course!), an amazing range of stunties funded by the mighty backers who took part to our Kickstarter campaign, last year: it has been a long journey, indeed, but looking at the final result is quite awesome.

Or better: is dwarfsome!


So: いらっしゃいませ!, mighty web adventurers, welcome to our brand new Online store!

the range

Discover our collection of miniatures and recruit your new adventurers!



Buy more, pay less. Yummy.




All you need to know about shippings: do not miss your parcel and avoid the perils of post offices!


Store update 03/2020


Due to the Covid19 emergency, our products restock schedule has been delayed. We hope to be able to update our store as soon as possible. Don't worry, my friends: soon you will have plenty of new DPF miniatures to buy!

Sorry for the setback.