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Great Master Yro

Great Master Yro

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The first time I traveled to Japan with my lady, we decided to visit the famous district of Asakusa in Tokyo. Basically, there are many incredible temples, there, and lot of traditional things. It's a very odd district cause it's plenty of traditions, but people generally don't care and invade the streets to buy every kind of kitsch souvenirs. When we visited the Sensō-ji temple, there was a very little stand that made the most awesome karaage I've ever eaten. It was like having a chicken parade in my mouth. When Led Zeppelin wrote about the stairway to heaven, they forget to add that it was paved by the karaage of that little stand. We tried to visit again the Sensō-ji temple three more times, only to eat again that papillary miracle, but the stand wasn't there anymore, disappeared like tears under the rain. I believe I was cheated by a tanuki, that time.

This kit contains a single Great Master Yro, made with the most fried resin of our world.


  • Size and Scale

    Our miniatures are sculpted in wargame scale (heroic 32mm).

    A standard dwarf is 23-24mm height.

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