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        Frequently asked questions        

Please review the following commonly asked questions in regards to ordering Durgin Paint Forge products. If these questions do not solve your issue, please contact us filling the specific form above. We try to respond swiftly to make your purchase experience as smooth as possible. Thank you!


How long does it take to process an order?

Typically web orders are processed and shipped by the following business day, and if you order on a Friday afternoon, or the weekend, then orders are shipped out on the following Monday (unless it's a holiday, than it will ship on Tuesday).


What about international orders and customs, how long does it take to arrive?

International ordering is fairly standardized around the world, we ship to most countries that operate a regular and reliable postal system. Costs are determined by the Post Office, and we do not send orders as "Gifts". Your country's customs controls how fast it arrives once it is received.


what about refunds?

We ensure to ship always highest quality miniatures. If, however, you should receive a model gravely defected, or if your order is missing of one or more components (or just is missing at all!), please, do not hesitate to contact us at our email:

Please describe as accurately as you can the problem and attach a photo in good resolution, in order to make us understand better the defect of your order.

Once the defect is certified, you can decide for the free replacement with a new copy (we will pay new shipping costs) or for a full refunding for your expenses.

In case of missing parts, we will proceed in sending you the parts you are missing, without extra expenses for you, as fast as possible.

WARNING: If your model would arrive at you damaged for evident courier fault, we do not take responsibility for a refunding.

However we ask you to contact us in order to find a good solution for both of us: your happiness is our first quest!


The order is taking weeks to arrive:Why?

International customs is the single biggest obstacle to fast shipping. Typical delivery of an order to a country from the US, Europe or Asia is approximately 5-7 days via Airmail. But, once your customs receives it, the time to your address will vary depending on how fast they can process it, and we can't speed up the process!

how does newsletter work?


Newsletter is an useful tool for us cause it permit to communicate our news directly on your mail address. Don't worry: we know that is frustrating to have the email box full of spam, with insignificant updates or (even worse) horrible clickbait. For this reason, we will send you a newsletter only when we think we have something great to tell you!

If you want, in any moment, delete your contact from our newsletter list, please contact us with the form above.

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