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Bluecoat Captain

Bluecoat Captain

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Oh, how I love this character. 

This handsome Captain has a name and an unexpectedly deep background. It all started in an average Tuesday, when my girlfriend looked at the Bluecoat Soldier A and Bluecoat Soldier B and decided that they have a kind of romantic relationship. having read tons and tons of shoujo mangas, I knew that there are no interesting romantic relationships without a rival in love, and so this Bluecoat Captain story (and concept!) was born.

The Bluecoat Captain loves the Soldier B, even if he knows that the Soldier B loves the Soldier A, but he's too proud (and probably narcissist) to give up his feelings. 

The little pig is a tribute to one of the most famous "rival in love": P-chan, the alter ego of Ryoga Hibiji (Ranma 1/2).

This Bluecoat Captain's name is André, like André Grandier (Lady Oscar/Berusaiyu no bara), and in fact our Captain really looks like him (it's not a coincidence, of course)!


This kit contains a Bluecoat Captain, made with the most shoujo resin of our world.



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