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Elf Knight

Elf Knight

€ 18,00Price
VAT Included

Sometimes, even handsome and almost perfect creatures like me can make mistakes.

I think it's a way to balance the world because, as ancient Greeks taught us, Gods are jealous of human beings who are too perfect and punish them.

I honestly don't want to suddenly become a flower, and I don't want an eagle to endlessly eat my liver so, once in a while, I make a little mistake to be sure to not trigger all the deities out there.

Think about, for example, the extremely tiny tongue of this kit's packy, that I decided to keep as a separate part.

This little tongue is so tiny and stupidly separated, that when the resin caster received the Elf Knight's 3d print, that part just disappeared (probably hidden by a particle of dust, or stolen by an ant). That little tongue contributed to delaying the KS shipments for 2 months.

For sure, no Gods are jealous of me.


This kit contains an Elf Knight, made with the humblest resin in this world.

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