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Peoples of Inneath - Volume I -

Peoples of Inneath - Volume I -

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Written by the famous former adventurer Inigo da Lucci, now ambassador within the Ministry of Diplomacy of the Second Government, this booklet is the first volume of a (hopefully) long series in which it will be told the life experiences of a man who had the privilege of sailing around almost the whole Inneath (and, above all, surviving to tell).

This first Volume tells all we know about the dwarves of Kazhuk Izril (and beyond!), and doesn't deny the pleasure of coming up with fantasy where the verified news are missing. 

Kazhuk Izril? Second Government? Inneath?! BOOKLET?! 

I know, I know: too many news for a short description.

That's why you must get your hands on this booklet as soon as possible!

This wait. ehm... Peoples of Inneath - Volume I - is a soft cover booklet written by Matteo Donzelli (yeah, it's always me, I told you I made everything), illustrated by Davide Tedeschi and translated NOT by me (so, you can breathe a sigh of relief). A5 format, approx. 76 pages, english.

  • Size and Scale

    Our miniatures are sculpted in wargame scale (heroic 32mm).

    A standard dwarf is 23-24mm height.

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