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Iron Crow Sentinel B

Iron Crow Sentinel B

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VAT Included

When we sculpted this dwarf, people started to ask us to make a whole range of dwarves. At that time, we hadn't in mind to make a huge range of characters: in our generic plan, we wanted to sculpt the 3 Sentinels and a couple of other characters (the Iron Crow Veteran and the Hunter or Erdraz). However, each time we shared with our community a new dwarf, the audience screamed for more ones. It was like a drug, for me (a dwarf addicted). Basically, the world (ok, some random dude) was asking me to make more dwarves: there is something more valuable in life? I don' think.

I tore my original plans and I started to think about a huge range full of dwarves. Now, almost a year after, I'm here writing tons of weird descriptions (that no one will read) about our brand new 24 dwarves! What is the link between my speech and the Iron Crow Sentinel B? Often, my lad, to reach ambitious goals we must look away from our feet, and look directly at the horizon.

This kit contains a single Iron Crow Sentinel B, made with the wisest resin of our world. 

  • Size and Scale

    Our miniatures are sculpted in wargame scale (heroic 32mm).

    A standard dwarf is 23-24mm height.

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