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Iron Crow Warrior

Iron Crow Warrior

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VAT Included

It is scientifically proved that a bandana can improve significantly the combat skill of a warrior. Scientists, indeed, took several individuals from different ages and fighting abilities and made them wearing a bandana: in each case, they found out an increase of strenght, courage and style. A 76 years old woman, wearing a bandana, managed to yell against kids for two days non-stop. A 18 years old managed to eat without sharing pics of it on instagram.

Unfortunately, when scientists tried to put a bandana on a dwarf, the incredible amount of dwarfness unleashed by this combo devastated the Medical Research Center. Since then, no one else was able to trace that dwarf, anymore.

This kit contains a single Iron Crow Warrior, made with the most scientifically tested resin.

  • Size and Scale

    Our miniatures are sculpted in wargame scale (heroic 32mm).

    A standard dwarf is 23-24mm height.

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