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The Forest Troll

The Forest Troll

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Last year I saw a Norwegian movie on Netflix, "Troll Hunter". It was awesome and made me deeply think about the current state of Italian movie productions, which is totally awful.

Apparently, in Italy is not possible to make a movie or a tv series that doesn't revolve around a stressful romantic relationship between two boring human beings, generally a man with a narcissistic complex and a woman that hysterically screams for anything. Sometimes, when Italian producers want to make something different, they make the umpteenth movie about the difference between southern Italians and northern Italians, in which they portray southern people as funny, kind-hearted and adorable individuals, while in the North we are all nasty and angry, we only think about work and we can't enjoy life because we don't have the Sun and the Sea and good weather, like in South Italy, but we have only fog and cold. 

Well, you know what?

In Liguria we have a lot of Sun and a beautiful sea. Even whales and dolphins know the supremacy of the Ligurian sea, in fact they use to choose our sea for their vacation (near Imperia, there is such a strong bustle of whales that we use to call that sea "the whale sanctuary").

I think that the Italian film scene sucks and that any country in this world is able to make interesting movies based on original and fresh subjects, but we don't.


This kit contains a Forest Troll, who also proudly choose Liguria for its vacation, made with the most nasty resin in this world.


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