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Elf Archer B

Elf Archer B

€ 12,50Price
VAT Included

Elves are stealthy sneaky bast***s, we all know it, but this one in particular I swear he's on another level even for Elfic (Elvish? Elven?) standards.

First of all, he's that kind of guy that, out to dinner, orders the most expensive dishes and then disappears just when the bill arrives. We all have a friend like him and I think we all agree that they are the worst. Moreover, when we collected some money to make a gift for Riccardo to celebrate his last day at the office (a terrible colleague, hence the fact we were so happy when he left), he just hid so efficiently that we saw him again only two months later when the summer vacation arrived. 

Believe me: if you need money, you won't literally see this guy.

He's probably Ligurian.


This kit contains an Elf Archer B, made with an expensive resin that he did not contribute to paying for.

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