Matteo "Durgin" Donzelli, founder of Durgin Paint Forge, during a painting demo in Lucca Comics&Games
italian ninjas

I like to think of us as ninjas. Italian Ninjas. If you're imagining guys who throw small pizza-shaped shurikens while watching a football game you are horrible people and in your shoes I’d  seriously ponder deeply on how stereotypes have ruined humanity.

But let's come back to the ninjas. For nearly five years we have worked in the shadows, putting together many small pieces necessary to conquer the world: it is likely that you will never be aware of us and this is the first time you read our name. Yet we have always been here, hidden in the shadows, intent to steal any little secret of yours, even things that we never wanted to see.

You have to stop putting pineapple on pizza.

It's disgusting.

Durgin Paint Forge is a minimalist crew, led by Matteo "Durgin" Donzelli (which would be me) with the collaboration of two talented creatives: Valerio Terranova and Davide Tedeschi.  

The Goiko Warrior, first miniature released by Durgin Paint Forge

The Goiko Warrior was our first miniature released, in far 2012. 

about our work and ninja techniques (i told you i'm a ninja) 

If your work requires a large number of qualified people and you have not the mon-uh ... prefer to keep a direct strategic control of all, you must learn to make do (one of the noble arts handed down from father to son here in Italy). 

To carry out our plans of conquest we have developed over the years a large number of secret techniques, the result of hard work, blood and sweat spent in the temples of Machapuchare,  Brabapurna and Borghetto San Niccolò. Although I can not reveal to you the most exclusive secret techniques (sorry, you are not ninjas), I believe it’s still interesting to share with you the three essential basic survival techniques of Durgin Paint Forge.

Iron Crow Veteran, resin miniature by Durgin Paint Forge

After five years of hard work, we funded a whole range of dwarves! This is the beginning of Durgin Paint Forge's journey!

#1 the multiple clone technique
Home simpson makes a clone of himself

description: the basic technique that allows Durgin Paint Forge to survive. I learned it after years of practice with the monks of Machapuchare, and it allows me to form up to eight functional copies of myself, each one helping me to perform independent tasks that would otherwise require the hiring of at least three different professionals. Thanks to this technique I can play the roles of Art Director, Game Designer, Web Designer, Writer, Painter, Head of Sales and Social Manager.

element:super alcoholic water.

functioning:I usually just drink a few glasses of the famous liquor of Machapuchare.

weakness:the technique allows you to create multiple copies that can play multiple roles, but this does not mean that they know how to play them correctly.