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Elf Archer A

Elf Archer A

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VAT Included

Pointy ears, thin bodies, cloak made of leaves...the Archer A has everything a proper Elf would need, except for a cool name. This could be a problem because Elves are notorious for being touchy and vindictive individuals, so I think it's better to find a special name for him.

Let's call him Fok'Atcha D Rek'ko.

You may find it hilarious, but this word in Elvish language means "a brave warrior blessed by the eyes of an eagle and the speed of the wind".


And definitely, it doesn't remind at all of a typical Ligurian bakery product, characterized by two very thin layers of focaccia, stuffed with a creamy and gorgeous fresh cheese.


This kit contains an Elf Archer A and a little stegosaurus willing to eat his camouflage, made with the creamiest resin in our world.

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