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The Hounds of Zorn Uzul

The Hounds of Zorn Uzul

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Once upon a time, I was going back to Milan (at that time, I studied law in Milan) from Rome. Exiting from Milano Centrale station, I suddenly saw a big German Shepard and I felt the urgency to cuddle him because he really seemed a good boy. However, I was tired after the train ride and my luggage was so heavy: all I wanted was to go back home and take a long shower. So I gave up cuddling the big boy.

Five minutes later, somebody knocked on my shoulder: "hello, I'm a police officer. Our dog reacted to your presence so I have to check your luggage and your documents. Please follow me". I was then accompanied to the local railway police office, and they searched me for half an hour. 

After they checked three times all my personal effects, they finally believed that the dog reacted to my presence because I approached him to cuddle him.

I still have the police report, on which I wrote "I just wanted to cuddle the dog".


This is a Preorder of the Hounds of Zorn Uzul, a squad of the toughest police officers of Zorn Uzul 3rd barracks, stationed in the infamous Gemini block. They are supported by two mighty Mechanical Familiar: a new MK I "Bodyguard" and a brand new type, the MKIV "Guardsman".

These kits will be shipped in September 2022.


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