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Elf Archer C

Elf Archer C

€ 12,50Price
VAT Included

For some reason, I decided that the "C" version of a particular character must have a lantern.

Iron Crow Sentinel C? Lantern.

Bluecoat Soldier C? Lantern. I know, you don't remember her because nobody bought her. So sad.

The Hound of Zorn C? Lantern. This one was hard to remind because it has not been released yet.

So I think it's pretty obvious that the Elf Archer C should bear also a lantern!

The question is: what are they supposed to illuminate, with their lantern?!

Probably, they are going in the darkness of my wallet, trying to see if there is some kind of money deep there.

Nope, there isn't.

But, by purchasing my products, you can fix this nightmare.


This kit contains an Elf Archer C, made with the most enlighted resin in this world




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