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The Mighty Collection (Elves of Inneath)

The Mighty Collection (Elves of Inneath)

€ 140,00Price
VAT Included

When I was a kid, I keep asking my parents to buy the "Pasqualone". Basically, it was a big plastic egg, with many toys inside, released close to Easter (Pasqua, in Italy, hence the name of this product).

After years of refusal, my parents capitulated when my brother was old enough to support my campaign and bought a Pasqualone for both of us.

The idea of a big box filled with toys was so exciting, but when my brother and I opened finally our Pasqualone, the disappointment was atrocious.

Basically, Pasqualone was only a way, for Giochi Preziosi (the company who made it) to take warehouse leftovers that nobody wanted and sell them at a high price.

I felt so humiliated.

For this reason, I invented the Mighty Collection: a big box filled with amazing kits, at a shamefully convenient price. No tricks, no garbage: only pure magic.


The Mighty Collection contains the following kits: Elf Archer A, Elf Archer B, Elf Archer C, Noble Arrow, Elf Warrior A, Elf Warrior B, Elf Warrior C, Elf Tamer, Elf Knight, Forest Troll, Elf Guardian, Elf Summoner, Little Summoner, Elf Augur, Elf Bard, Young Adventurer, Elf Clan Chief, The Wise, Elf Demon Hunter,  and the Exclusive Edition Gnollin Forge Master.



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