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Bluecoat Pathfinder

Bluecoat Pathfinder

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If something looks really close to another one, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are the same thing.

For example, outside Liguria people bake a kind of pizza, called "pizza bianca" (white pizza) without any ingredient on its top apart from evo oil and salt, just like our Focaccia (yeah, we invented it). But does it mean that pizza bianca and Focaccia are both the same thing?!

They love to think so, outside Liguria, but obviously they are totally wrong and pizza bianca is not focaccia and whoever tells you that it is, do not ever trust him (or her) anymore.

If you don't believe me, go to Genoa and try to order a "pizza bianca".

If you are lucky and you find a sympathetic individuals (so, probably, not a 100% Ligurian one), he would bring at your table a pizza margherita without basil and tomato, but only after rolling his eyes to the sky, sarcastically whispering "ooh, the day is starting out fine..." .

More realistically, you would be asked to leave.

So, what's today lesson?

Even if this creature looks like a chocobo, and you are tempted to call it chochobo, it's not a chocobo.


This kit contains a Bluecoat Pathfinder, made with the most Ligurian resin of our world.


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