new releases!

With all the Kickstarter rewards finally shipped, we are now able to update the store with the initial stocks of the Second Government range (and a small restock of our Dwarves!).

It's still going to take some time, before seeing our mighty store fully operative and replenished, but with a bit of luck and determination, you will be able to grab our goodies before they disappear again!

You know, our minis are trendy.

(ok, maybe it's more because of the global pandemic that messed everything)

iron crows

Discover the story behind the dwarfiest Dwarves that ever dwarfed: the Iron Crows of Kazhuk Izril!

the store

There is always a good reason to buy new miniatures.

For example: have you seen our bundles?!

show me what you got!

It's time to create the mightiest gallery ever, and I need your help! If you're unleashing your creativity on our miniatures, and you want to share your projects with the whole world, gaining immortal fame and success, click here!

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