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Elf Augur

Elf Augur

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VAT Included

This is one of those characters that I design when I feel kinda spiritual.

This lady carries two magic cauldrons: one is filled with benevolent genies, and the other one overflows with evil ones.

If you think about it, we are all like the Elf Augur, constantly bringing with us both our evil and good genies.

When we decide to help a man in need, we open the good cauldron and let the best part of our soul make this world a little better.

But when we unleash the worst part of us, we are able to make horrible things and we contributed to making this world worse.

Think about that guy who put first a slice of pineapple on his pizza (I'm sure he was a man because no woman is able of such a terrible evil): that time, he decided to fully open the evil cauldron.

Instead, when a compassionate Ligurian saint looked at a basil plant and invented pesto, such a noble thing popped out directly from the good cauldron.

And what about those who put pesto on their pizzas?

Let's not kid ourselves: pesto is perfect on everything!


This kit contains an Elf Augur, made with the most spiritual resin in this world.



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