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Elf Tamer

Elf Tamer

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It's important to be safe at work.

This sentence seems pretty obvious, isn't it? And yet, even in the so-called developed countries, it's not obvious at all to be safe at work.

I worked for a couple of months in a company here in Turin that produces all those tiny surprises that you find in those famous sweets, like Kinder Surprise etc.

At that time, my duty was to paint the first prototype of their products and it was kinda cool. At least, 'till I discovered that the old oven that we used to make the colors dry, was full of asbestos.

Apparently, the company employers were asked many times to replace that oven, which was 40 years old, but they always refused, because "they didn't want to spend money to replace something that still worked".

Or at least, this is what I heard when the window of the employer's Porsche Cayenne got up.

No jokes.

As this Elf clearly shows, remember: at work, especially a dangerous one, safety comes always first.


This kit contains an Elf Tamer and his fellow Venoraptor, all made with 100% asbestos-free resin.


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