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All aboard the hype train (Part V)

Despite the spiteful Flonzi tried to boycott today's newsletter (in fact, if you have opened it you surely have noticed that the button doesn't work .__. sorry my friends, I'm a bit ashamed), there is still plenty of time to talk about the upcoming campaign and be sure that, on October 12th, you'll be ready to pledge like nobody pledged before.

Today's blog post is about...Bundles!

Bundles are the core of a KS campaign and today I'm gonna show you some of them.

Let's start with the entry-level Elf bundle: the Patrol of the Woods!

As anticipated, the entry-level bundle is designed to give you a fair(y) amount of Elves with a solid discount (without considering the unlocked stretch goals value, we start with a 18€ discount). Two warriors, three Archers and a little, hungry, mascotte: if you just want to get your feet wet in the Ocean of this KS campaign, this Bundle offers you some nice iconic characters of this range.

If you want to spend some more doubloons and make us happier, you can consider to pledge for the two intermediate Bundles: the War Clan and the Summoners.

While the War Clan continue the path of Archers and Warriors, adding the mighty Elf Knight and the Archer B to the scene, the Summoner Bundle gives you a first glimpse to the most particular characters of this range, starting from the mighty Forest Troll and including the Exclusive miniature of this campaign: the Gnollin Forge Master. You can grab this character only with this Bundle and the Mighty Mega Box.

Moreover, despite the discount on the Summoners Bundle might seem a bit low, compared to the other ones, you should consider that if we unlock the Elf Augur character (one of the two characters to unlock), it will be added for free to this bundle!

Climbing the Bundles Mountain we arrive to the Bundle: Guardians of the Lost Court

This Bundle gives you the whole collection of Archer and Warrior characters, including the towering Elf Guardian! This Bundle offers a great deal (40€ discount, without considering the unlocked stretch goals value) and is the last step before arriving to the pinnacle of bundles: The Mighty Mega Box itself.

If you want, well, everything, this is the Bundle for you. The Mighty Mega Box contains the full power of the Lost Court and it is made to get bigger and bigger, depending on the campaing's growth: it starts with 15 character and if we'll reach at least 15k€ of funds two new characters will join the box for free (the Elf Augur and the Elf Bard). As we did with Dwarves, we plan to design even more characters if the campaign grows nicely: in the Kazhul Izril campaign our backers paid for 15 characters and at the end of the campaign got 26 characters!

Useless to say, also this Elf version of the iconic Mighty Mega Box will get for free all the unlocked stretch goals and includes also the exclusive miniature of this campaign: the Gnollin Forge Master.

I see this box as an investment for both you and me: the more funds we collect, the more contents we are able to put for free inside this reward. There are plenty of characters that I want to design (a ninja Elf? A new Troll character? A new Elf Warrior?) and with a bit of luck and all your support, we can make this Elf range an amazing deal.

Do you have a 3d printer? Then, as anticipated, I've made a glorious bundle for you: the Mighty Digital Bundle!

I selected the best sellers among our ranges (and those miniatures that are not too difficult to 3d print at home!) to create this first bundle of .stl files of DPF history! Over 50 .stl files will be available with this bundle, and we will add all the Stretch Goals unlocked during the campaign, and even more stuff (again: something really HUGE is being forged by Valerio, while we are speaking!). At the moment, we offer only supports-free .stl files: I'm searching for a service to make pre-supported .stl files, but at the moment I honestly don't even know how much budget it will cost, so I can't promise you something that I still don't know if I can afford to! Of course, I will update you as soon as I have fresh news about.

Is that all?! Of course, it is not.

During this upcoming campaign you will have the chance to buy the Mighty Mega Boxes of both Kazhuk Izril and Second Government campaigns, including all the stretch goals unlocked, already inserted for free!

Moreover, considering how many requests I receive about that on daily bases (ok, maybe I'm a bit exaggerating...) I'll offer also a Bundle with all the animals that we designed 'till now.

So, what do you think about? Are you happy with the selection of Bundles? Would you like to suggest something more? Let me know in the comment section or, if you're shy, writing me at

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