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Live on Patreon!

I made you suffer, I know, but perhaps it's written in the divine law that an Italian must always be late!

My Patreon is now officially open, a small revolution that in hindsight I should have had the courage to do a few years earlier!

A new chapter of DPF has just begun and there couldn't have been better heralds than a dense group of Dwarves determined like elders at the end of the line at the post office to collect their pension!

If in recent months you've been living in a cave, perhaps searching for Dwarves, here's a brief recap of the latest episodes:

Ranks&Files is the new range of miniatures from Durgin Paint Forge, a line that will now accompany the "Peoples of Inneath" project.

This range will be distributed, at least in this initial phase, only digitally on Patreon and also on MyMiniFactory (from May onwards).

Ranks&Files is designed for wargamers, but despite the artistic direction being different from what I've done so far, my obsession with quality will still be a constant!

Obviously, this project had to start with Dwarves, but the idea is to explore all fantasy archetypes (do you think I could ever say no to the idea of making a nice general on a dragon??).

So why join my Patreon?

Apart from contributing to the evolution of this range and allowing me to create increasingly ambitious and spectacular kits, if you like the models you see and want to add them to your collection, there are many advantages to joining Patreon:

  1. You can print the kits a month before others and at half the price. New kits will be distributed first on Patreon and only the following month on other platforms. In addition, the selling price of the kits on other platforms will be increased.

  2. You will get access to exclusive tutorials that will not be published on other platforms. In fact, it is already possible to download the first step-by-step tutorial, and many more will follow!

  3. You will have access to tasty discounts. As long as you are a Patron you will have a 25% discount on all orders placed in my online store and you will get a 50% discount on my MyMiniFactory store which will open in May.

  4. You can decide the future of Ranks&Files. Every month I will propose surveys that will directly influence the future content of my Patreon and the kits that will be produced for Ranks&Files!

Dwarf Clan Warrior by Durgin Paint Forge
The sbs tutorial of this little guy is already available!

The basic subscription is 10 focaccias + VAT (at least if you buy them in Liguria, beware of those who sell you a slice of focaccia for more than €1 each!), a contribution that will be wisely invested in the only thing I love to do: miniatures*!

I thank anyone who has already subscribed (we're already almost 50 patrons!), anyone who decides to join the group, and anyone who will contribute to the project by sharing it with their interested friends and gaming groups!

So, are you ready to join the mighty Patrons?? Get onboard and start to print!

*(in case of huge commercial success, I do not exclude being able to invest part of the proceeds in worldly goods, like a chryselephantine statue dedicated to the goddess Kim SeJeong)

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Apr 06

Looking forward to it! :)


All I want is handsome beards.

Apr 05
Replying to

Well, I admit that DPF lacks of many things. It's sad but true.

But if there is something in this crazy world that DPF surely has and will have is handsome beards.



Exciting to see you on Patreon! I'm following along for free as I have enough Dwarves to last me 100 lifetimes, but I'm looking forward to joining up when other Peoples of Inneath begin to appear!!

Apr 05
Replying to

Thank you Jack! Indeed these first months will be a kind of Dwarfs binge, but don't worry, they're not the only option in the menu :3

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