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The restock and Kickstarter schedule!

During the last weeks, many of you contacted me to ask for the restock of our products, and despite it's a bit frustrating not being able to actually sell products to customers willing to buy them, I really appreciated to see how requested are our minis, it's motivating to see that there is interest around our projects!

The good news is that today I finally received from our resin caster an updated schedule concerning the long waited restocks of our range, so at least I can tell you a rough date about it!

First of all, as the Kickstarter fulfilment work chain (cat not included. but I can consider good offers) in pic suggests, we have to ship only a few rewards of the Second Government campaign and this is good from two points of view: the mighty backers that helped us to fund this range will soon receive their minis and soon after the last box will depart from our forge, the whole Second Government range will be put on our online store for a first release!

We plan to ship the remaining rewards between this week and the next one, so expect to see a first big update on our store in short times (at the end of the next week, approx).

The big restock of products will arrive later: we will receive the first amount of resins in two weeks, and more stocks in five weeks.

This is not exactly what I dreamed for, but let's say that in two weeks we will be able to see some life in our store and after all,as people say in Milan: "rather than nothing, it's better...rather." (in Milan dialect: "Piutost che nient l’è mej piutost"). That basically means that "a little" is always better than nothing.

So here it is the final schedule of our restock quest:

•in the next week the Second Government range will be released on our online store

•in two weeks we will receive new copies of Second Government range and, finally, first copies of our dwarf characters

•in 5 weeks we will receive the remaining stocks requested

The Elf campaign

The Elf Kickstarter campaign is scheduled, at the moment (I hope that there won't be more pandemic, this year...), in early Autumn. I would like to launch it in September 21st because here in Italy it is S. Matteo's day, I think it would help the campaign with some extra blessing: despite we've built the mightiest community ever gathered, some extra good fortune would be more than welcomed.

We've already designed 14 characters (you've seen only 12 of them, ZAN ZAN ZAAAAN!), and despite I'm trying all my best to convince Giorgia (my girlfriend and undisputed leader for everything concerning financial decisions, just like any girlfriend after all...) to design more and more characters (I would say only a word, that I fear would make no sense to you because it's a name I invented for Inneath lore: Gnollins*.), we've sculpted many big guys, this time, like the Elf riding the Tapejara or the towering Forest Troll, and for this reason I think that we will set the range up to 16/18 characters (plus all the stretch goals line, of course!).

I'm pretty confident about the success of this range, but I don't want to sell the bear's mane before having caught it, as we say here in Italy, and I have to refrain my inner (and often reckless) desire to make tons of new sculpts, and focus on sustainability: we'are not (yet). a big company with high resources to invest, so everything has to be carefully planned. It's sad and I think it's also depressive sometimes, but...rather than nothing, it's better rather!

Obviously, if the campaign will gather tons of doubloons, we will add more characters to the range, but I think that we've already designed a solid range by far and I'm pretty happy with it (I'd dare to say that I've been positively surprised by how our Elves have come out!).

So, here is a better look at our schedule, that finally is a bit more accurate than "hopefully soon". I thank you again for all your patience and support, when I started this business my first concern was "will people ever buy my minis!?", and now my worst struggle is not to be able to fulfil the customers' demand, let's consider this fact promising!

*Gnollins are basically the equivalent of Gnomes, in Inneath's lore. Not only they have an ancient grudge with Dwarves (and Dwarves tend to completely cover up their ancestral misdeeds against Gnollins...), but they also are the undisputed master of the runic metallurgy!

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