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The mystery box unveiled! (well, only the box!)

Is it possible to design a luxury experience with a 15€ product?

This is the main challenge of this crazy project and I confess that it's probably the best part of it!

It's easy to deliver an amazing experience with a bottomless budget: think about Apple, which has a specific department focused only on the unboxing experience designing of their products!

Said so, working on a small budget is interesting too, it's like a strategic game: you have to carefully choose how to invest the money in order to achieve the best result possible, without gnawing too much on the profit margins (that are already thin, on a 15€ product!).

I wanted the Makasete! Edition to be exclusive not only because of the limited amount of kits available (only 73 boxes still available, while I'm writing!) but as a whole experience per se.

Despite I'm still wandering across the web, like a stingy shark (the famous Carcharodon Liguriensis), in search of special sales and promotions to polish even more the packaging design (when you have a small budget, a 15% discount can dramatically change the whole thing!), I've already taken some hard decisions and invested in one of my favourite things, holographic stickers, and in some extremely classy authenticity cards:

400gr paper, soft-touch finish, uv-spot (I don't know you, but I have a kind of fetish for glossy black on matte black contrast...), round corners...I bet this little card would make Patrick Bateman so jealous!

I decided to invest in this thing in particular because this is the first limited edition we design and, especially in this troubled world where everything is counterfeited and recast, I wanted a second item to claim loudly and without doubts the authenticity of your product. The first (and most important) one is the raw quality of the resin kit itself, of course, but I can't show it yet.

Despite we are a small company and the collectable value of our products can't be compared with, for example, Kingdom Death stuff, I'm a very ambitious and competitive being so I will make all my best to make your investment grow in value in short times and this authenticity card will be crucial to monetizing as much as possible your bet, at the right time!

Talking about the new character specifically designed for this #1, today I received the 3d print and I can say that, in its genre, it is for sure the best character we made.

Of course, these may sound like obvious words (it's like asking the butcher if his meat is good!), but as mentioned in a previous post, I designed this new release looking at our best sellers product, and I tried to create a kind of "iconic" version of them. I wanted something that might define DPF style and this, for sure, incarnates in my opinion what we are good at.

If you read the sentence written on this holographic sticker, you would understand why this project is so important to me: if all of this is be possible, it's only because of you!

More than 150 customers already decided to bet on this journey and I couldn't be happier.

"Wait, did you really make me read a post just to share some cards and stickers?!"

Well, I did.

Once received the 3d print of the Makasete! #1, the Demon of Spoiler whispered cruel words to my ears and I was really failing my duty to keep the secret 'till September.

So I had to make a compromise and unveil at least something about it.

I didn't mention, for example, that I bought an essential oil to give the boxes a smell that matches the character background, nor that I'm working on some extra content to make every single penny you spent worthy of being spent.

As I said: I'm trying to design the best unboxing experience possible on a thin budget and I won't lose this challenge!

If you haven't preordered yet your copy, this is the right time to click on the yellow button and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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