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The crew is growing!

Welcome back, mighty web travelers!

Today, I want to dedicate a brief post to the latest character designed for my beloved range of Orcs: the Orc Captain!

I'm really enjoying working on this project and not only because Orcs are one of my favs fantasy creatures: the Orcs are simple characters and I'm appreciating a lot starting from simple concepts and trying my best to make them interesting!

When I say "simple", I don't mean "bland", on the contrary: many of the best and most difficult things are "simple".

Pasta al pomodoro (pasta with tomato sauce) is one of the simplest things you can find in an Italian book of recipes, but I can guarantee that it's very difficult to eat a good one even at restaurants!

This Orc was born trying to keep things simple, but effective. Or at least, this was my original goal (as always, only you can judge my results!).

I wanted to make a solid and classic warrior, of course in the style of the Orcs of Inneath, with all the tropes that people love in this genre of character: a grim and intimidating subject.

I wanted this sculpt to be easy to paint and inspiring for any painter out there, so I tried to keep "my" vision subtle.

I wanted to portray a grim adventurer, keeping the "Conquerorcs" theme of this range with a bit of Indiana Jones flavor, which is particularly evident in this character (somebody noticed the Flonzo relic? I would stay very far from anything related to Flonzi, especially if it's an ancient relic found in a haunted temple! The Orcs of Inneath are indeed so brave!).

A little divertissement I wanted to allow to myself was the sword, which is shaped as one of my favs Warhammer artworks, a little tribute to the old times.

The armor is more decorated than the average equipment of other Orcs, a clear hint that this guy is particularly successful in doing his job and can afford high-quality stuff from the black market of Zorn Uzul! The Orc's missing eye has been replaced by a gem, I think that it shows very well the pragmatic exhibitionism of the Orcs of Inneath!

Arrived at this point, with already many characters sculpted, it's difficult to imagine a unique pose that could explain a new subject and add something interesting to the scene, but I'm pretty happy with the pose of this guy, which is dramatic and badass, and can be also adapted to many different scenarios (just replace the chest with something different and you can totally change the vibe of the scene).

Obviously, the Orc Captain is not the last entry of this range: I have still many bullets to shoot!

At the moment, we are designing a couple of Orc soldiers and...goblins!

I can't wait to show you the goblins I have in mind and their particular theme. Let's say that they will make an explosive arrival!

Moreover, this month you will see also another one-shot project that will go soon on preorder: a new Elf Little Summoner (and her bodyguard!).

So don't forget to check every now and then this blog, because there are plenty of new things to reveal!

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1 Comment

Denny Crane
Denny Crane
Feb 17, 2023

He looks really cool and confident. He knows what He is doing and He is good in doing it.

Will gladly buy the miniature when the Orc KS goes

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