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T is for towering

If you've been frequenting this site for a while, you've surely noticed my predilection for big and bold characters. The Orc Warrior B rightfully ranks in the top 3 of this particular ranking, a mountain of muscles that, if not engaged in some hooligan escapades, you can find in the wardrobe section at the nearest Ikea. Despite this concept being imbued with male arrogance from the soles of the boots to the top of the helmet, I still tried to give him his own personality and originality, let's say it: his elegance! As you already know, I have always preferred static poses, especially when working on warriors. I like to create characters that are menacing and intimidating, while keeping the aggression of the scene to a minimum. I believe that this approach of mine is due to my childhood heritage, when I used to watch Bud Spencer movies with my grandfather, whom he adored. We're talking about true masterpieces of the genre, like "They Call Me Trinity", "Watch Out, We're Mad!", "Even Angels Eat Beans", "Banana Joe", or "All the Way Boys!": I love those movies! In his films, Bud Spencer was often a big and menacing guy, but in his own peaceful way: he preferred to mind his own business, eat, and enjoy life. Normally, this desire remained unexpressed as he found himself facing rowdy, noisy, and violent men: and then the punches flew! Well, maybe it's because my grandfather physically and temperamentally resembled Bud Spencer a lot, but I adored that type of character!

With this Orc Warrior, I wanted to create a character that Bud Spencer (or my grandfather!) could have played, a giant who doesn't need to shout or grind his teeth to instill fear in his opponents. Although his design is consistent with the other Orcs, I thought long and hard about what details to include to set him apart from his colleagues. First of all, I wanted to give him a sword worthy of his status: after all, it's his tool of the trade! You will notice that the sheath and hilt have a clear reference to the Dia de los Muertos, which is a small cultural appropriation that I wanted to incorporate to add a characterization to the Orcs of Inneath that I find in line with their culture and society (as you will read in the little book I'm writing, Orcs have a true obsession with the concept of death and a pronounced taste for colorful and lavish things!). You saw the first mention of this Orcish subculture with the Orc Bounty Hunter, and you will see something truly out of the ordinary at the end of June (I can't wait). My personal favorite is the pommel of the sword's hilt, shaped like a mustached skull! A second stylish element (in every sense) is the coat, not worn but casually draped over the shoulder. I thought it could be a useful detail to convey a certain bravado, and it's also a "civilized" attitude that is usually not associated with Orcs, especially warriors.

Judging by some details, one would say that this Orc has spent part of his career in the service of the Second Government. The two medals he flaunts on his chest are typical valor recognitions from the Navy, and the numerous badges could be a testament to his participation in various military campaigns. Or they could be war trophies ripped from defeated soldiers in battle: the choice is yours! The coat is part of the uniform of high-ranking officers of the Second Government, and it's not uncommon for Orcs who serve as mercenaries to adopt the customs and traditions of their employers: it's evident that deep down this Orc considers himself a leader, and I believe few would dare to contradict him!

Completing the scene is a lucky cat, specifically an Exotic Shorthair (named Luigi, if you are interested). As you should already know, the Orcs of Inneath have a true obsession with these small felines, and owning one (or a whole colony!) is a great source of pride. Orcs believe that cats are blessed with good luck and that, as a result, anyone who is near them benefits. So, especially Orc Warriors adopting a cat is not strange: who needs a bit of luck more than them?! Orc Warrior B is the last Orc character in this range, and I think it's an excellent way to conclude this first chapter. Of course, if the Kickstarter campaign goes very well, I intend to expand the range with a couple of new additions, but for now, I would say we have put together a splendid collection of original and full-of-character characters. What do you think of this project? Are you enjoying it? I'm very curious to read your opinions!

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