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How to survive the Kickstarter eve!

the orcs of inneath, cover

Tomorrow is the big day, are you excited?

Well, I am, of course! As you can imagine, the eve of the launch of a new project is a whirlwind of emotions and feverish work: it doesn't matter how far in advance you started working on it, inevitably you'll find yourself compulsively tinkering on your computer, searching for a bug to fix or a detail to improve.

I believe it's simply a way to keep the mind busy and avoid letting the imagination run wild, or at least, that's how my subconscious tries to keep the inevitable debut panic in check!

A crowdfunding campaign is certainly not comparable to a gambling bet because unless you are completely crazy or have something legendary in your hands (who knows, a serum that makes you play the guitar like Zakk Wylde), you will have spent months and months planning, organizing, predicting, and working so that everything is, if not perfect (it's scary to admit it for a perfectionist like me, but perfection doesn't exist unless you are Kim-Se-Jeong, of course), at least your best. Rarely is the success or failure of a Kickstarter campaign random: of course, if tomorrow Henry Cavill spontaneously decided to share my project on his social media, I would have a great chance of success, but relying on astrological coincidences is not the best strategy!

Yet, despite my firm belief in my work and the most rational concepts of cause and effect, the day before a Kickstarter campaign, I always feel like someone betting all their assets on roulette. It's absurd, but it's true.

The Orcs of Inneath Stretch Goals
A glimpse of the Stretch Goals designed for The Orcs of Inneath campaign!

The uncertainties of a Kickstarter project are so numerous that the risk of going crazy trying to predict them all is tangible, and despite your efforts, you will find yourself doubting everything, even the launch date, trying to prepare emotionally for the unknown!

If I look at the history of my projects on Kickstarter, I don't think there is a single time when everything has gone predictably, for better or worse. I think of the unexpected success of the Dwarves of Kazhuk Izril, the real game-changer that marked my career, and the disappointed expectations of the Second Government, a project that taught me that resting on one's laurels is a deadly sin in this field. I think of the overwhelming success of the Elves of Inneath, also influenced by a historical context in which the pandemic boosted our industry, and the colossal mistakes that clipped the wings of Adventurers of Inneath, a project I consider the most strenuous among those I have done so far.

So, what can I expect from the Orcs of Inneath? If I were to answer honestly, I would say that this range is undoubtedly the most inspired and, in a way, reasoned product of my career. I created this range with two priorities in mind: improving my products from a purely technical and professional perspective and creating kits that are first and foremost fun to paint and beautiful to display on your shelf. I spent whole days printing test models and figuring out how to improve the sculpts, working side-by-side with Valerio (the sculptor) on many small micro-changes to raise the bar of my quality. I also find that the artistic direction of the range, with this absurd mix of spaghetti western, Mexico, pirates, and Conquistadores, has worked even better than my expectations, but this is a purely personal consideration. I hope it is shared by as many people as possible!

In short, I am very curious to see if my efforts will hit the mark; only you can determine that!

Tortuga, the Goblin Merchant
Tortuga, the Goblin Merchant: possibly the craziest kit I've ever designed!

How, then, to survive the debut anxiety, before the launch of a Kickstarter campaign? Forgive me for the clickbait, but I don't know!

My father is a psychologist and psychotherapist, and he has always told me, when I feel anxious about something, to take a deep breath and write on a piece of paper a summary of the things I believe I have done well and the people I can count on. I must say it is a very useful exercise, at least for me. I have given my best, and I am proud of what you will see on Kickstarter tomorrow.

I am fortunate to have a vibrant and passionate community that has supported every one of my projects, giving me the opportunity to provide for my family and not lack for anything. With this awareness, I have to admit that tomorrow's debut scares me less.

In advance, thanks to anyone who will support the project, either directly through a pledge or by sharing it with friends and on their social media (if you want to start now, the link to share is this:, and thanks to all those who have participated so far.

See you tomorrow at 1:30 PM CET on Kickstarter.

You are all invited!

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