Dwarves on the shoulders of Giants

In the last days we visited Lucca Comics&Games, a big exhibition where thousands and thousands of fans struggle to enter into a medieval city built expressly to avoid that thousands and thousands of individuals have an easy access to it.

Because, yeah: there is a freaking reason if the ancient Lucchesi built huge (and magnificent) walls around their city.

- people wait to enter the Carducci Pavilion in Lucca -

However, I'm not here to complain about this event, not at all: despite my usual repulsion for very narrow places with so many undisciplined people inside, yesterday (Saturday) was a great day for me because I finally met one of my personal mentors (of course, he's not aware of it!) and one of the main reason I'm here, trying to create something: Paul Bonner.

Before going on, I want to premise that the following lines contain a high amount of fangirlism and hyperboles. Please, be patient.

I discovered our hobby almost by chance. At that time I was 12 years old and I lived in a small town in the far-west (both geographically and metaphorically speaking) of Liguria: Bordighera.

In my hometown, as you may expect by a little city of a peripheral Italian state, there wasn't much to do, apart from playing football and going to the beach.

Moreover, I think you well remember those times when the internet was still an embryonic entity, and the 56k seemed almost forefront.

In that situation, only some kind of divine intervention could bring in my life our hobby, and in fact I think that it precisely happened.

One day, in a stationery shop, while I was looking for a pencil case, I discovered a little book, with a blue cover and a great artwork on its front.

The title was essential, almost imperative: Dwarfs.

It was the 6th edition Warhammer Dwarfs armybook.

- my existence, in that moment -

I was unaware at all of what a miniature was or, even more, what a wargame was.

However, flipping through the pages of that book, it was like something hit my soul and awakened a part of me that until then had remained dormant in my unconscious.

In that precise moment I realized I also wanted to be part of that world.

"So, what does mr. Bonner have to do with all this?"