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Belgioioso Miniart report!

Ten years ago I attended my first event as a seller, in Belgioioso.

Then, 10 years later, I attended my second event as a seller, in Belgioioso.

It seems that the Belgioioso Castle must have some magical influence on me because it managed to convince me to come out of my bear's cave and participate in a public event!

Every time I participate in this kind of event, I remember what my grandma used to tell me when I was little: 'I must give you 1,000£ to leave the house, and 100,000£ to make you come back!' And actually, I don't think there's a better way to describe my approach when it comes to socializing. Getting out of my shell is an immense effort for me, but when I manage to ignore my fears, I have the time of my life! Belgioioso Miniart was a very meaningful event for me, and it came at the right moment: after a few turbulent months, I needed to reconnect with our world and reignite my enthusiasm!

I know, my desk was really amateurish! I admit I'm a bit embarrassed about it, but considering the limited time and (especially!) resources I could dedicate to setting up my space, I couldn't do more. It wasn't easy to convince my ultra-perfectionist side to overlook it, but I believe the important thing is to turn this frustration into motivation to show up at the next event more prepared and professional!

It was great to reconnect with long-time friends, and it was exciting to make new acquaintances and introduce my projects and my passion for modeling to curious people, often strangers to our hobby.

I believe that the human aspect of these events is the main reason why it's worth attending. I took this opportunity to spend a weekend with family and friends, surrounded by miniatures and gaming tables: what more could I ask for?

Medea met her step-uncles, Federico and Alessandro, two pillars of Durgin Paint Forge who, often without realizing it, helped me overcome many difficulties!

Federico is an enthusiastic painter, probably the first ambassador of Durgin Paint Forge. He goes from exhibition to exhibition showcasing his Kazhuk Izril-themed projects!

Alessandro is a bit like my personal master Yoda, if Yoda looked like a Viking and could squat 200kg. His advice is invaluable, and his ability to show me the positive side of things is priceless!

In this photo, you can see Medea at the pub collapsing after the third beer.

Just kidding, of course. But we all did see her devouring a pulled pork sandwich like a great white shark. She's growing up with healthy values.

I know it may seem strange to Anglo-Saxon listeners, but here in Italy, there are no age limits to enter venues that serve alcoholic beverages!

"Ok, but what about the event!?"

Well, I must say that the first thing that makes Belgioioso an event worth supporting is the splendid location of the castle itself!

Don't be fooled by the modest little room I was in. I decided to participate late (as usual!) when only the basement was left!

It was truly spectacular!

Of course, the main attraction of this event for me was the painting contest. I have to admit that I didn't expect such a high level of participation and, above all, such high quality! Not only fantasy, but also a remarkable number of historical miniatures, ships, military aircraft, and many original and unconventional works (don't worry, you'll see a complete report in the video we're currently editing!).

My friends Ludovica and Andrea convinced me to participate with a selection of my box arts that I had brought to display at my DPF desk. Despite my expectations being close to zero (after all, these were projects I hadn't painted with the intention of entering them into a competition), I'm proud to say that my beloved little ones held the honor of Durgin Paint Forge high, earning a gold medal and the Best of Contest!

Here are the valiant heralds who brought glory to our house!

And here they are with the fantastic prizes. Honorable mention for the Best of Contest trophy, specially sculpted for this event!

There was also a giant version of the trophy you see, which was given to the winner of the Best of Show, and let it be clear to everyone: next year, I will participate to bring it home!

In this photo, Federico and I striking a pose, proudly showing off our awards.

Soon, we will release a video where you can see the entire event as if you had come to visit the castle yourself.

I would like to take this post as an opportunity to thank the organizers, especially Mirko Cavalloni, for creating this first edition. I believe it is important, I would dare say vital, to bring our hobby as much as possible into the real world. It was rewarding and exciting to see the astonished and surprised reactions of visitors who had never seen a painted miniature before.

Furthermore, I realize that participating in these events is a great source of inspiration and motivation. Despite coming back physically exhausted, deep down I can't wait to create something memorable for the next events! Organizing such a complex event is an enormous effort. It takes not only passion and ambition but also a lot of time, money, and stress. That's why I feel grateful to everyone who contributed to the creation of Belgioioso Miniart!

I believe it is important now to involve even more people and advertise the next edition with even more energy. I will do my best to make my contribution. After the disappointment of not being able to attend the last Games Day, this event has inspired me to participate in other exhibitions in the future and, why not, use this opportunity to improve both as a painter and a creator!

In this photo, Medea with her best friend: the stone toad from the garden.

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4 comentarios

30 may 2023

Durgin decides to participate to the contest on the last minutes with miniatures he has in hand.

Durgin wins a trophy looking like a freacking golden crowned dragon.

Durgin be like.

And now you have to create a giant toad protector miniature 😁

Me gusta
30 may 2023
Contestando a

ahahaha oh no, it's only thanks to the innate awesomeness of the Dwarves of Kazhuk Izril: judges can't help but love their big noses!! XDXD

Indeed, I fear that I will have to design a giant toad, not that I'm not happy with it (toads are awesome!), she spent more time with that toad than with me XD

Me gusta

30 may 2023

Congratulations on the win. Well deserved they are all beautiful pieces 👏👏🥇

Me gusta
30 may 2023
Contestando a

Thank you Oskar! ^-^

Me gusta
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