behind the mask

As I said before: sculpting a human range is anything but easy.

At least for me, of course.

Despite the dwarf range, that I could (and I will...) expand with new characters in daily basis, I struggled a lot to give birth to this new range. Don't misunderstand me, I'm totally happy about how it came out, and I think we managed to create interesting characters, but damn: humans are hard to imagine for me!

The Bluecoat and Redcoat regiments have been funny to create, but even if I tried to give to each character a precise "uniqueness", I felt like the range was missing of something, in general. I mean: a margherita pizza is quite good, but only when you add mushrooms and ham you really figure out the meaning of cosmic completeness.

For the same reason, I thought that to complete the circle of the human range, I had to create something different: with this in mind, the M.A.S.K organization was born!


Let's start from the very first step: the name. As many of you, I was a little boy during early 90s and, as many of you, I watched a lot of animated series. Principally Japanese ones, because Italian television broadcast A LOT of anime, but also American series, like, well... you will find out soon.

When I imagined for the first time a secret organization of the Second Government, I thought it would be interesting (and almost obvious, let's be honest...) to give these agents a kind of "symbol" shaped with the classic Venetian carnival masks.

I wanted to create a sort of code name, for this organization, that worked on many levels and suggested a wide variety of shades:

1) the name should have a kind of bureaucratic vibe. Second Government inspires order, organization, discipline. I wanted a name that immediately gave that kind of cold state structure.

2) the name should explain, briefly, the area that this organization operates in. That is all that "grey areas" that need to be managed in an unconventional and strictly reserved way. Think about cutting down subversive organizations, investigating the occult and magic in general and dealing with those dirty jobs that any nation is called to face, especially those that fund their creed on absolute moral principles!

3) the name should form an acronym with the word "mask", that is the symbol of its agents and immediately suggests its "secret" nature.

After an enormous and shameful amount of time spent to figure out an english acronym that suits all my idea (you may guess how difficult it was for me, considering my English gaps..), I found something that could work: Ministry Against the Secret Knowledge.

M.A.S.K, indeed.

I was incredibly proud of me, but when I talked about it with Valerio, the sculptor, he warned me that M.A.S.K was an animated series broadcast at the end of 80s, 2 years before my birth.

After a short research about it I figured out that, apart from the name, my M.A.S.K had nothing to do with those M.A.S.K, so I decided to maintain that acronym, painful childbirth of my last neurons: after all, who would ever remember a 35 years old animated series!?

Apparently, a lot of people.