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All aboard the hype train (Part IX)

-2 days my friends!

The heart beats faster, a sense of heaviness shakes my gut and suddenly I feel like the world collapses: indeed, today I really have gone too far with Chinese food!

As we say here in Italy: my eyes were bigger than my stomach.

But I suppose you're not here to read my recent discoveries about the gastronomic scene of Turin (if so, I highly suggest you try "Oh Crispa!" if you ever visit my beautiful city), so let's get to the heart of the matter: we are almost ready!

If you are a diehard member of this community (may Odin bless you with a healthy and rich life), you hold the line for more than a year, to arrive at this point: thank you so much my friends!

Indeed, we started to work on this Elf range soon after the Second Government campaign was over and we spent months imagining, designing and then sculpting at the best of our skills this colourful collection of Pointy ears, Trolls, Dinosaurs, Kodama and god only knows how many things are still to be unveiled!

I confess that I have mixed feelings about these last days because, on the one hand, I have this fulfilling sense of having accomplished a long and difficult task, giving birth to a range that I'm extremely proud of; on the other hand, however, despite we are working for more than a year, we are still at the beginning of the journey: only the Kickstarter campaign shall tell us if these last months have been a success or a failure!

I'm pretty happy with how we set this campaign and I think that despite everything can be improved, we managed to take the best from the resources we had. Arrived at this point, I honestly don't want to spend more of your time trying to convince you to join the campaign, I have the blessing of having gathered a very supportive and constructive community around our projects, so I prefer to focus these last hours before the launch of the campaign sharing with you some news, sneak peeks and curiosities about this range. So, let's start!


I've already written many times how much I was happy with the Forest Troll, the Elf Guardian and the Green Knight kits. I think that there is something visceral concerning big and complex kits of monsters and big characters in general. 'Till now, we have been extremely cautious concerning the size of our miniatures, for a simple reason: we had limited resources and our former 3d printing service was mighty, but also very expensive (just to give you an idea, I paid the Iron Titan 3dprint about 900€!). Maybe the good Lord looked below upon the mortal realms and saw us struggling with small budget&big ambitions and decided to help us, maybe it's just the market that became more competitive and so prices got more humans, but some months ago we found a very good 3dprinting service that offers the same quality at prices that I would never dream to find. For this reason we were able to design such big kits (at least for our standards!) and this is only the beginning!

The poor Flonzo that you see above is part of a new, unrevealed kit that we are sculpting in these last days, a character that will tower even on our Forest Troll!

I don't want to ruin the surprise, but I think that you've already guessed what's in store: maybe a Flonzo dressed like Alan Grant is a too obvious hint!

I fear that I'm now addicted to the American way: bigger is better!


As anticipated, if you think that you've seen everything about the Elves of Inneath, you're wrong (adorably wrong, of course).

We started with 17 characters, but we plan to design and sculpt more of them: of course, it mostly depends on how good this campaign will fund!

"Oh Matteo, we know you're Italian and so you're extremely good at cheating people! How can we ever be sure that you're not lying about that?!"

Well, I don't think this subtle racism is appropriate, but I forgive you: after all, sellers nowadays can tall you anything, to entice further purchases.

So here is a sneak peek of an unrevealed character that will be unlocked (and added for free to any Elf edition of the Mighty Mega Box) if we achieve the 20k€ funding goal:

The Young Adventurer

Yes, it's a chubby dino-bag, holding a treasure map.

With your help, we can make this range bigger and better because there are many characters that I crave to design and I think that might be interesting for you: this range is lacking a bit of ninja flavour, for my tastes, and I think that we need also a female version of the Elf Warrior. I don't want to say cat if it's not in your bag (it's a weird Italian saying that I fear PETA doesn't appreciate, to mean that before celebrating success, you have to achieve it..) nor to sell the bear's mane before having killed it (again, sorry PETA) but I hope you can understand my excitement when I think about being able to create many new miniatures! After all, we are all here for the toy soldiers, and I want to give you a lot of them.


Usually, holidays are not friends with KS campaigns: during holidays people stay with their families and have no time to buy on KS, or maybe they just spend money to buy gifts. In our last campaign, during Easter, we lost a lot of backers and I almost throw myself down the Tour Eiffel (I was in Paris with my girlfriend and my parents-in-law). Seriously, I will always associate that damn tower to bankrupt, terrible experience (it was also a rainy day, a disaster).

This time, our campaign will embrace Halloween and I want to make the best of it and turn a potential problem into a chance to make something nice.

So brace yourselves, mighty backers, because you all (all!) will get a little gift to celebrate Halloween! Of course, it shall be a Halloween-themed gift, a proper limited edition.

So that's all, for today's post: thanks again for following our projects, I hope this campaign shall be a nice event for all of you!

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