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A fairy summer!

Oh, hello mighty travelers!

Indeed, things have been a bit quiet lately, here at Durgin Paint Forge.

But as you may imagine, it's the quiet before the storm, or better: I took advantage of Summer (when usually customers go on the vacancy and enjoy the Sun/Sea/family rather than minis) and I managed secondary tasks that couldn't be postponed.

With my girlfriend's pregnancy that runs fast (omg, 8 months are already passed, we are so close to Medea's birth!), I started to prepare the nest: the room that, 'till now, has been my office and DPF headquarter, will be Medea's first room.

We chose a fairy forest theme, for her room, and I honestly can't wait to start to build her cradle and all the little furniture of her.

As you may imagine, the relocation of my office is slowing a bit my daily routine, I had to stop many of my current projects, but I'm sure that the new home office that we are working on will be even better and more efficient.

Concerning fairy things, the production of our latest range (the Elves of Inneath) is going smoothly, a little miracle in this troubled world which I can't give for granted:

Directly from GRX's forges, you can see the first steps in this wild world of this incredible new range, I'm pretty happy with it and I can't wait to paint some first ponty-ears (who would tell...!).

Moreover, we are preparing our store for a fiery new season: waiting for the Elves' debut, the store has been already filled with TONS of new stocks, everything is now available so if you want to spend some doubloons on our current ranges, now you can serve yourself as you are in a rich and glorious buffet!

Not being able to paint (not having a desk...), I spent some time writing the new booklet: Peoples of Inneath Vol. III!

I honestly can't judge the quality of my writing (it's up to you to tell), but I'm sure that, as always, Davide's artworks will be flawless, take a look at these two sneak peeks!

You can already feel like you are in the heart of the forests of Inneath, don't you?!

Well, please be careful, because as you will learn, they are not a safe place, at all! Watch every step you make, because in a blink of an eye you can find yourself in the Elves' domain!

I'm really enjoying writing this booklet, it's a funny way to discover more and more of my own imagination, I feel like I'm giving shape to many ideas that, 'till now, have been buried in my mind, and I'm sure that sooner or later, many of these ideas will take shape as miniatures!

I'm pretty happy with how my Elves turned out: they are familiar and classic, yet they have their own vibe.

I've seen many people that already printed and painted our Elves, especially I've seen how the Forest Troll is one of the most appreciated ones: indeed, I think that is a kit that will make the joy of any painter, for example Marko (Craftworld Studio), did an outstanding job on this kit:

I will soon start to paint one, and everything will be filmed to create a video tutorial that all the backers will have for free (it is one of the many stretch goals unlocked during the campaign). But how to paint it?! Too many choices!

Well, I have still some time to properly think about, while waiting for... a desk!

Thank you for reading my lines, as always! I hope that you are enjoying this Summer and you're finding some time to spend with your loved ones!

For what concerns us, soon I will be able to reveal a new big scale kit, designed for our next KS campaign that will open this Autumn/Fall, so stay tuned!

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