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The mystery box is revealed!


After an endless wait, now that all the mystery boxes have been shipped and a month has passed, I'm able to share with you the pics of this first character designed for the Makasete! Edition #1: a new Iron Crow!

As you may have guessed, I chose to start this special range of kits with a Dwarf character and, apart from my personal taste (I'd dare to say obsession...), I made this decision looking at the mere statistics of our sales: Dwarves are by far the best sellers of DPF (expect a brand new range of Kazhuk Izril, soon after the Orcs!), so I thought that, statistically speaking, the best choice for the first mystery kit would have been... a Dwarf!

It's science.

I wanted to design something that might be iconic, a kind of DPF business card, and Iron Crows are the characters that better define what DPF is about, in my opinion. I want to portray a classic subject, with all the details that make an Iron Crow worthy of his name: a dark cloak, a chainmail, a fancy beard and, of course, a crow on his shoulder!

With this character, also, I wanted to better explore the grim side of these Dwarves, and portray the Sentinel during his first duty: the watch!

I think that, in its simplicity, this kit might be a joy for all of the lucky (and handsome) painters that supported this project and grabbed a copy (or two!) of this Dwarf.

Talking about that, I would like to deeply thank again all those who made this project possible: you can't imagine how happy I was when I packed the 250th copy of this kit!

The Makasete! Edition #1 represents a little creative goal of mine, that I would like to revive also in the future, with new mysterious characters: I hope that this first attempt rewarded your trust or, if you skipped it, makes you curious to take part in the next one!

As anticipated many times, don't think that the surprises are over!

Giorgia, my girlfriend, is editing the video tutorial I made, concerning the guy that you see in these pics, and expect to read soon more details about the painting contest dedicated to this kit!

Maybe it's not the treasure of your family, but I think it's quite powerful to know that only 250 hobbyists in the whole world, can paint this kit!

Thanks again for your support, my friends!

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Oct 28, 2022

(expect a brand new range of Kazhuk Izril, soon after the Orcs!)


I'm excited to see more DPF videos especially that are of your sculpts. I can see that your space marine videos do really well and hopefully brings more fans and therefore more doubloons to you. I always get excited when I get the alert you uploaded a video, and then a little sad when its not DPF model. Excited to hear about the contest. I am making myself finish a few things and post to them to the forum before I will let myself start working on this guy.

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