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The king of spoilers

When we talk about spoilers, I think there are three types of persons: those who love to ruin the show to others and love to show that they "made something first" (don't worry, there's a place in Hell for them), those who are naively sloppy and unconsciously spoil something, and then there are people like me.

It's not that I love to spoil something, I just can't wait to see somebody excited as much as I am!

I'm not talking about the end of a movie, but more about surprises in general: I'm that kind of (horrible) person that is not able to keep a surprise safe. If I buy a Christmas gift for somebody in November, I can endure 2-3 days before saying "OK NOW OPEN IT!".

I'm sure that cultures all around the world have thousands of sayings referred to people like me, but the hard truth is that I'm extremely weak, concerning surprises I make for others.

You may imagine, then, how difficult it will be to keep the secret of the first secret character designed for the 任せて! Project for...8 months!!!

Being aware that I will have to wait for so long, before seeing your reaction to this surprise, is an unbearable burden for my weak shoulders and I already feel my ego begging for a little crumb of gratification.

Said so, this time I have to put my toxic needs apart because the whole meaning of this project is to not reveal the product, and I really believe in this little divertissement. As promised, I show you a little sneak peek of the kit you are supposing to buy sight unseen, and the weird image posted above is everything you'll see from now 'till the moment you'll open the little box.

Ok, maybe from this angle, with this black material I've chosen to render it on Keyshot, you may think that I've designed a mighty garbage bag, but it's the only way I found to show the sculpt without making you immediately guess it!

Believe me: as usual, Valerio did an outstanding job and the character is exactly as I imagined it to be, a 200% DPF sculpture.

I know: maybe many of you would prefer something unconventional but for this first release (of many, I hope!), I wanted something worthy to be an iconic character of Durgin Paint Forge.

So, here we are: the mysterious kit is ready to start its production journey, and the preorders shall start soon!

Being DPF still a little company, almost unknown for the majority of hobbyists out there (it's like the Shire, I suppose), I will need your help to promote this project and give a shout to all those who are still unaware of our goodies: forth, Durginians, let's show the world our power!!


So, to avoid spoiling the identity of this character, I defined a strategy that I like to name "The spoilers chain strategy". It's like in chess: you sacrifice a little and humble pawn, to protect the surely more precious tower. Here is the same: I will sacrifice some minor surprises, in order to protect the big one. This way, the monster of spoiler that lives inside me is pleased, but I won't ruin the big surprise.

I've already written many and many times before that one of my dearest career goals is to organize a mighty and fancy painting contest, something that will be remembered for years and years (well, kind of).

Well, it seems like the omens are favourable, finally, and with the new range almost released and a new range of big-scales incoming this year, I think that we'll soon have enough material available for our first painting contest: hooray!

I've already started to search for big sponsors because I want this event to be something memorable, with rich and classy prizes and a level of enthusiasm way over 9000!

I'm so proud and thankful to say that Kimera Models, with their amazing range of colours, already gave their support to the project, a mighty partnership indeed!

I confess I'm totally out of me about this thing: maybe it's the Virgo in me that talks, but there is something special in organizing parties and events.

There is still plenty of time, so I want to enjoy every single step of it!

So don't waste time, my friends, and start to think about a worthy entry (or maybe two or three!) to submit, you have almost a year to sharpen your brushes and unleash your creativity, and don't worry if you don't think you are not at the same level of the pro painters out there: first of all, many don't even know about DPF, so they won't take part to it*, but above all this painting contest will be brutally different from the classic ones, and the raw technique won't be the most important thing to show.

What I'm in search for, and I'll generously reward, is the uniqueness of an idea, I want to see your unique vision and hear (well, see!) your story.

So don't be shy, don't be too humble: everybody will have his/her chance to shine, in this event!

*I'm joking, everyone will beg for taking part to it, it will be legen-wait for it- dary!

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