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The Elves strike back (the late pledge!)

"Chi va piano va sano e va lontano" ("Who travels slowly, goes far and safely"), says an old Italian saying and indeed, willing or not, I stuck to this ancient pill of wisdom, with this journey of mine in the world of miniatures!

Sometimes I really wished to be able to make things fast and efficiently, but unfortunately I realized that I'm a kind of turtle and I need time even for easy tasks. Being Italian and loving pizza (who doesn't, after all?), I guess my turtle name would be Durginello.

Nonsense aside, today finally I'm able to open the Late Pledge (and Pledge Manager, for those who took part to the KS campaign) of our latest crowdfunding journey: the Elves of Inneath!

This is the first time that I rely on a professional platform, to manage this crucial step of post-campaign, and I confess that the guys from Pledge Manager really impressed me with their efficiency: setting up the platform has been a bit slower than expected, because I realized how many products we have collected 'till now, and preparing new graphics for more than 100 miniatures have been a time consuming matter, but finally I feel like I'm doing business like a real pro.

'Till now, in fact, I managed the Late Pledge/Pledge Manager event directly on this website, creating two distinct pages: one for preorders, and the other one for my backers. It was a rough and a bit naive way to manage it, but at least it was free and directly on my control.

Obviously, there were many cons: people on KS are spoile-ehm, used to manage their post-campaign needs on platforms like Backerkit/PledgeManager/CrowdOx, so they were a bit bewildered (often confused) to deal with my spartan system. Moreover, many late pledgers found (don't ask me how, I never realized it) the way to go directly on the backers' page, where no shipping fees were added, so I struggled a lot to control not to lose money with "involuntary discounts"!

However, despite its ailments, the old system somehow worked and helped me to raise more money after the campaign, so: thank you, grumpy little platform of mine, you gave the best of yours.

But now it's time to level up a bit the warfare.

The success of the Elves of Inneath campaign demands something more professional and efficient, after all there are now almost 900 backers to please, and as I said many times before, I want to improve as much as possible this crazy DPF, so despite my inner hesitations (I'm a Dwarf, after all, so I look at the new devilries with inner suspicion and distrust!), I decided to take a breath and jump the fence: ladies and gentlemen, the Late Pledge is officially open!

After the success during the campaign, I'm really curious to see how this new journey works, and if the investment on a more professional platform will pay dividend.

Luckily, the new Elves look GORGEOUS in real, so I'm pretty confident that many of you will jump onboard the Elf train. If you don't believe my words, at least believe your eyes:

These are just a few pics (not the best one, unfortunately it seems like my old and trusty camera is asking for retirement...) of the new minis that we are producing thanks to your support, I honestly can't wait to add them to our online store and, above all, paint them all (please, allow me at least to believe it, we all know that I'm too slow to success in this ambition!).

So, how the Late Pledge works? It's pretty easy: it's like a preorder, that gives you the chance to join the backers of our KS and get many advantages that you won't have once this range will be normally available on our online store.

First of all, you will get these minis with the first run, so before they will be available on our store.

Moreover, you will be able to buy them with a little discount on prices and, above all, the chance to buy the super convenient bundles: once they will hit our store, only the Mighty Mega Box will be available.

Lastly, as you may imagine, all the funds raised this way will help us to speed up and level up our current projects: of course, this can't be considered a real advantage for you, but I think it can be considered a good investment on the next future. We are working on some special releases, including our first big scale range, so any little money raised now, will surely help to make them better than before.

So, here we are my friends: another step towards our goal, another little brick added to our stronghold! I hope you will join our backers, and make our journey even better!

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