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Slowly but relentlessly!

June 1st is the first day of many things: the first day of the month, the first day of this week, the first day of the gym (yeah, it is open again!! Now let's shape this lasagna belly of mine, again!) and, above all, it's the first day of the Second Government range in our store!

Today the remaining KS rewards have been finally shipped, so I'm able to update our store with new goodies, and start this new chapter of DPF quest!

As you may imagine, the store isn't still fully operative and replenished: the new stocks will arrive between 1-4 weeks, so it's going to take still some time before seeing the whole DPF power unleashed.

However, a small number of copies has remained from the original KS stocks, and there is no reason to waste the chance to add some life to the store and rock the boat!

Despite still there are a few products not available, as my mother-in-law loves to say: of everything that is there, nothing is missing.

Before leaving you free to catapult yourselves to our store like an enthusiastic whale at the annual meeting of the Antarctic Krill Association, I want to take some time to thank all the people that helped us to fund this new range, and support us every day with their care, advice and, well, doubloons!

As you've seen, from the moment we design a new character to its release, there is a long and steep road to travel and despite I really would like to be able to shorten the route, I feel extremely thankful for having such a good company like yours!

We started to design the first Second Government character two years (and a global pandemic) ago, an eternity in my eyes, but now that I see this new range on my desk, I can definitely say that it is worth the wait!

I can't wait to have some spare time and paint the first SG character (for sure, a Redcoat one!) and above all, I'm looking forward to seeing your new creations: our gallery has grown more and more in the last months and this is so rewarding for me because I'm a painter before anything else, so it's a great emotion for me to see the miniatures I designed, painted by other hobbyists!

Talking about painting (and modelling in general), I feel like we have now a range big enough to start to organize some mighty contest with (obviously) mighty prizes! I've plenty of ideas about them and when the store will be fully operative, the Season of Contests shall begin!

Don't worry if you are not a professional painter: I'm studying a format that can be interesting for all the hobbyists, no matter your level!

So, thank you all my friends for having supported our journey: today a new little step towards our final goal has been made, and I can officially consider the Second Government of Inneath, our second range, released!

The third range of us is already in the pipeline and will hit Kickstarter in late September, when, with a bit of luck and with all your help, we might be able to fund another chapter of our quest and keep on designing more and more miniatures (Orcs!).

At this rate, the first big step of my plan will be achieved in 2022, when we will have designed all the 5 ranges originally scheduled for our boardgame: The Dwarves of Kazhuk Izril, The Second Government of Inneath, The Lost Court, The Conquistadorcs* and, finally, The Necrogangsters**.

As you may see, there is still a lot of work to do and so many things to polish and refine, but for once I want to look at what we have already done, of which I'm really proud of!

*names are still to be decided...

**the Necromancers' range will be plenty of evil, shady and controversial stuff. Not only necromancers but also ghosts (dwarf ghosts!), criminals and the Revolutionary Army!!

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