Let's talk about Orcs!

In my previous post, yesterday, I briefly talked about the idea of postponing the Orc range, due to the unexpected approval that our Elf range is receiving from our community.

As imagined, the reaction of the Orcs collectors has been loud and energetic: I wouldn't expect anything less, from them!

For this reason, I think it might be interesting to talk about my projects concerning Orcs and why it is funny and appropriate that Orcs collectors would harbour resentment for anything Elf-related (of course, it is always appropriate to hold a grudge against Elves!).

Let me be clear: if I eventually postpone the Orc range, it would be only to design MORE Orc miniatures.

My original plan for 2020 releases, in fact, concerned a Kickstarter campaign made to fund not a single big range dedicated to a specific faction of Inneath (as we did for Dwarves and Humans), but to create two initial ranges focused on the Elf and Orc kins: so, approx, 10/12 characters for each alliance.

However, the success (of course, read these terms always contextualizing them to our manufacturer size!) of our first Elf characters made me think a lot about how to move, in the next year, and a single question started to buzz inside my head: "Why not focus properly on a single range at a time, creating more dedicated characters?".

10/12 characters are not enough to properly show you the real potentials of a brand new design, especially considering that with both Elves and Orcs I want to make something unique and different, so I think it would be better to take time and do things as better as possible.

So, here is why I'll probably dedicate the next KS campaign to create a whole Elf range and explore in-depth their lore with 20/25 specific miniatures, and soon after I will start to design the Orc range, that will be for sure bigger and mightier than in the first schedule.

Of course, feel free to hate Elves and their betrayal, it is part of their character, after all.


Given the necessary premises, it's time to start to give you some brief hints about how the Orcs of Inneath will look, and why.

Since the beginning, I wanted to get away a little from the classic barbarian archetype of the iconic Orc of classic rpg and wargames.

Do not misunderstand me: I love classic Orcs, almost as much as I love Dwarves, and there is nothing wrong in an Ikea-Pax-sized-beast that only wants to smash, kill and have a good fight.

However, I always imagined the Orcs of Inneath a bit different: they are not elegant academics and their natural strength makes them excellent warriors by default; however, they are more civilized and after ages of wars and discords with the other peoples of Inneath, they found a kind of "way to coexist".

It is usual, for example, to see Orc mercenaries fight under the banners of the Second Government or just work as bodyguards for wealthy individuals of Inneath, and you can find Orc enclaves in the most cosmopolitan islands of Inneath, like Zorn Uzul.

In short: despite the integration between all the inhabitants of Inneath is fragile, precarious and controversial, as you may legitimately expect from a kind of fantasy medieval/pre-industrial world, and ancestral grudges and distrust may make coexistence extremely difficult, Inneath is not a classic "all against all" setting, it's not black&white, but more a shades of grey lore. Despite, for example, it would be impossible for an Iron Crow of the Eastern Chamber, that spends his life fighting to claim the Disputed Lands, even just to be in the same room with an Orc, in the metropolis of Zorn Uzul is quite common to see Dwarves and Orcs working in the same guild.

So, if you are wondering what I suppose you are wondering: yes, Inneath game will allow mixed guilds of characters taken from different alliances (with some exception, of course).

Clarified this first, important, note about Orcs, it's time to anticipate more details.

First of all: Orcs of Inneath are not green. Or better, they surely can have green skin, but their skin colour may vary a lot. For example, many Orcs have dark brown skin, many others have vibrant yellow skin, and it is common also to see black, red, even purple skin!