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KS focus: "Payday!"

"Payday!" portrays the first Orc of my Inneath range. Ok, if we're being picky, Urghor the Blue is an Orc of Inneath too, but at that time I had not a clear idea in mind, concerning the art direction of this range, so I prefer to consider the blue-skinned Orc as a kind of "Orc prototype".

With Payday! I wanted to set the aesthetic of the Orcs of Inneath, or at least a kind of zero-point of the future Orc releases. As you will see, in fact, when the Orcs range will hit KS (2023, if you are curious about it), this kin will be anything but "standardized": I want to play with different body shapes (there will be classic muscular-type Orcs -like this one- there will be thin and tall Orcs, there will be chunky ones and even puny and old Orcs as well).

This big and smiling guy (Orcs do know how to enjoy life!) represents a Mercenary, which is a common career for this kin. They are blessed with natural strength and stamina, but they are cursed by a very short life.

Being a mercenary is an appreciated lifestyle, in Orc society, because it allows them to earn good money, make the most out of their natural talents and, above all, it grants them a life full of adventures and adrenalin!

Talking about "natural talents", this guy is one of the biggest kits we ever made: with a maximum height of 120,54mm and a wingspan of 92,42mm, "Payday!" won't only tower above almost all the other puny kits in your collection, but it grants you also a decent exercise for biceps and triceps. It's an amazing gym both for your painting skills and your arms. What other product would give you the same, for 55€?

"Payday" is not only the debut of Orcs in the DPF society but, as you can see, there is a minion that you never saw before in our range: a cat!

I must confess: this little guy has been extremely painful to design, because soon after I started to design this scene, after 12 years together our beloved cat, Piuma, unexpectedly passed away, in November.

Any pet owner among you would easily understand how much pain is to lose a member of our family and despite I love this kit so much, I'm still sad every time I look at the grumpy cat on the Orc's shoulder.

Said so, I want to look at this first little guy (the first of many!) as a way to salute our grumpy daughter who, I'm sure, at this moment is somewhere in the universe sleeping inside a stellar closet (her favorite occupation, 21 hours per day).

I think that since the beginning of this post, you are wondering "ok but why "Payday"?".

When I look at his face, the big bottle of rhum and the general drunk attitude, I can't help but think that this Orc is celebrating something.

And what a better reason to celebrate, than during payday?!

After all, he's a mercenary so he literally earns his money by risking his life!

Being still alive and being paid for that are two reasons to celebrate and it seems like this Orc is coming out of the pub with enough gold to visit another one, and that typically Orc attitude of taking other gold from the pockets of an unlucky man along the way!

If you don't like liquors, I'm happy to anticipate that there will be a little Stretch Goal that will give you the chance, if unlocked, to replace the big bottle with something different.

A cigar!

I know, cigarettes and cigars are not cool and are extremely dangerous for our health. In fact, I don't smoke.

But I won't be the one who will go in front of him, asking him to stop smoking.

"Payday" is a portrayal of a classic subject, with a DPF touch. I like how the many different styles mix together in this character: the wild west vibes and the conquistadors' hues I think look well side by side and this is a sign that the art direction of the future Orcs is promising.

I can't wait to explore it more and more!

But first, let's see if this first experiment will be welcomed by the community and all the backers out there!

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