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KS focus: "Quicksilver"

Sometimes, things just find their way. I designed this character a long time ago, soon after the end of the Second Government campaign. At that time, I wanted to design a small range focused on Zorn Uzul, with plenty of robots and mechanical goodies, simply had other plans.

Davide (the Iron Titan's sculptor) should have sculpted the vast majority of that side-project, but he unexpectedly decided to give a turn to his career and became... a traffic policeman!

Without the main sculptor, I remained with this kit, sculpted by Valerio, in my (virtual) hands and I had no idea what to do with it!

I didn't want to release it individually, but it didn't belong to the following range (Elves) so this girl, ironically, stood still in the pits for several years.

When I decided to make the 75mm range, suddenly an illumination: here is the chance to start this kit's engine and make it shine!

So, after a brief stop at the DPF Garage (the scooter gained a new exhaust and brake levers, while the Mechanical Familiar has been updated with new hands and feet), I'm extremely happy to present you "Quicksilver", the first scooter ever built on Inneath!

Despite it being originally designed as a 32mm range, I think that this kit works perfectly on a bigger size too, and I bet you will have a lot of fun while painting it!

Indeed, I think that this kit really screams for being personalized and I'm curious to see if some crazy hobbyist among you will try to customize this scooter, as we did in the '90s!

Talking about lore and fluff in general, "Quicksilver" offers an interesting view of the technology developed by the guilds in Zorn Uzul, in specific this character is equipped with the latest exemplar of PX-8 made by Giotto inc. (basically the Tesla of Inneath).

I love to put modern stuff in a fantasy environment: it is not easy, and sometimes it might look weird, but I like this kind of oddity: they remind me of some artworks made by Akira Toriyama, i love it!

Of course, this vehicle is clearly a kind of old Vespa exemplar, but I didn't want to invent something never seen before, on the contrary: familiarity was the vibe I was in search for!

I just wanted to make you smile and think "oh damn, but that's a fantasy Vespa, I want it!!".

Sometimes, going straight to the heart is the best thing to do.

Like many other kits designed for this 75mm range, "Quicksilver" is a carefree scene and, by just removing the rifle (maybe you can replace it with a bag!) you can turn this character into a simple traveler, removing all the warfare references: again, I think that it's important in our hobby to take a breath from war, once in a while, and focus on more peaceful and relaxed subjects.

The Mechanical Familiar completes the scene, adding another little level of storytelling. As I often do with this kind of character, the Mechanical Familiar adds some humor to the composition and I imagine it just enjoying the ride, looking at the horizon with the wind caressing its hair (well, it doesn't have hair, but that's another story).

Despite being originally planned for another project, I'm so happy with having finally found a place for this kit. Valerio did a great job on this character and now all his effort can be finally rewarded!

I hope you like this as much as I do, and if you think that this is the last time you see a Giotto inc.'s creation, well, you probably don't know me very well.

One of the most appreciated vehicles, in Liguria, is the "Ape" (literally: "bee". Vespa means "wasp" in Italian. Apparently, we love to name vehicles after the name of bugs!), and one of my career's goal is to design a kit of travelers all aboard a fancy Ape!

But that's another story, again, that I want to keep for another project...maybe another 75mm range, who knows?!

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Any chance of a Rickenbacker attachment accessory instead of the rifle? Looks like a very nice kit regardless.

hans joerg brehm
hans joerg brehm
May 27, 2022
Replying to

To be honest, "FLCL" didnt do anything for me ( an avid despiser of anything anime ) but i find the evoked carefree spirit fitting- much more than the gun


hans joerg brehm
hans joerg brehm
May 26, 2022


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