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Getting a kick out of it

So let's keep going deep into this new Elf range, with the new Elf..well...Monk? Master of smacks? Street (well, trail) Fighter? As you've imagined, I've painfully chosen to name my characters with simple names, but sometimes it's hard to define them with a classic category!

I wanted to avoid excessive baroque (copyright-friendly) names, because I didn't want to come to something like, I don't know,"Gloomzwoodslapper of Sharandirac" or "The Emherald of Karatelf", but maybe I could choose something cooler than "Elf Subject A" or "Warrior", or "Iron Warrior".

Above all, when this lack of fantasy with names makes our resin guy produce 80 "Iron Warrior" instead of the requested 80 "Warrior". Yes, it happened.

However, while I reflect on this important question (making a snow angel on those useless 80 Iron Warrior copies), let's see in details the new Elf character:

Indeed, this guy really masters the secrets of Karatelf!

In fact, I wanted to create a unique warrior "sub-class" for our Elves, a warrior able to fight in an unconventional way and who better than our Elves to have a classic rpg"monk-warrior" character?!

I always loved this genre of fighters: no weapons, no shields, just the old and reliable hand-to-hand combat. Of course, I imagine that the Elves of Inneath, just like those who invented the martial arts, have transformed this way of fighting in a deadly and elegant art.

I thought that our Elves, considering their evident Japanese references, were ideal to create the first character of our range inspired by this classic fantasy archetype and the result is pretty awesome, in my opinion. I would like to make a disciple of the holy art of Taekwoond-orc, but I will talk about it probably next year.

The design of this Elf, as you see, carry on their typical style and judging by the totems he wears, this should be one of the famous disciples of the Tiger Crane style, even if I hope he's better than Beatrix Kiddo in using it (sorry, Uma, it wasn't your best performance...).

It has been a real challenge to decide which pose to use for this guy: at first, I thought about a more thoughtful/zen pose, but despite it would have been interesting, I realized that to better nail the nature of this character (and make it immediately evident), we should go for a more aggressive and "combative" one. I didn't want, however, a too dynamic one, so I went for a kind of "on guard" pose: I don't know you, but "The Karate Kid" taught me not to lightly approach people who are standing on a crane pose!

I think it would be incredibly funny to imagine unique actions for this character, once our game development will start: for sure, I want him to be able to grab an opponent and throw it away!

So here we are, with another addition to this range that I'm really enjoying to create: I never thought I would have such fun, designing Elves, and for sure these are very unusual ones, but I confess it's really motivating to see that all of you are welcoming them so warmly!

The next character, as mentioned in one of the previous blog posts, will not be an Elf, but a Troll: one of the many deities worshipped by the Elves of Inneath!

I really can't wait to see it!

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