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Dwarves of the past, Dwarves of the future!

Exactly 3 years ago, the Kazhuk Izril campaign opened and we made our first step of this big, scary and exciting journey of us!

I wrote many and many lines about that legendary campaign, before, but despite I always love to melancholy dive in the past, this post is made to look at the future in front of us.

As you may imagine, the current situation is far from good and, luckily in a soft way, our work has already experimented some side effects of this emergency: delays on the production of the restock I've waited for so long, delays on the Kickstarter deliveries (that damn booklet!!) and a general, understandable, standstill for what concerns the online store (after all, nowadays there are more important things, than buying new miniatures!).

Said so, the fact that I'm here able to think about future projects means that I'm part of the lucky ones, and here I am to share with you how DPF will try to bring joy in your 2020, hoping that the next months will be way better than these first ones.


First of all, let's talk about one of the best things in this world: Dwarves.

We are designing a small, but incredibly badass, group of new Dwarf characters: 3 proud agents of the Metropolitan Police of Zorn Uzul.

As you will read in Peoples of Inneath Vol.II, if we ever manage to print that damn booklet, Zorn Uzul is gaining an increasingly central role for what concerns the narrative set of our fantasy universe (I'll talk about it later) and, for this reason, I decided to invest some time (and cash) to put Davide back on Zbrush again to design three Dwarf characters of Zorn Uzul (and two new Mechanical Familiars because everybody loves Mechanical Familiars!).

Right now, in fact, we are setting the main design of the Metropolitan Police (I deeply wanted to create something like that!) and I think that we can make something special.

Imagine a police department established (and financed...) by the outrageously rich Council of the Guilds (the governors of the city of Zorn), made to maintain a kind of orders among the fragile balances of a city teeming with greedy careerist, shady entrepreneurs, ambitious adventurers and crazy individuals of all sorts: this is the chaotic field where the Metropolitan Agents are deployed in!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to create too many characters because, you know, money, but the three Agents I have in mind are designed to represent to the best the spirit of the Zorn Uzul police: tough guys, finely equipped with the best weapons and armours made by the Inventor's Guild, used to handle any kind of situation, not disdaining unconventional ways!

The small group of Dwarves will be reinforced by two new Mechanical Familiar miniatures: a new, more heroic than ever, MK I Bodyguard (the first one won't be produced anymore) and a new type, the MK IV "Guardsman", a particular familiar designed exclusively for the Metropolitan Police.

With the addition of the Redcoat Sentinel, this small range of Zorn Uzul will probably hit Indiegogo platform at the end of May.

Why Indiegogo?

This project is too small for a proper Kickstarter campaign, so I thought about giving a chance to the Indiegogo community, and see what happens: what do you think about?

PS: what? Don't you remember the Redcoat Sentinel? Here she is:


As you clearly see, we are not (yet..) a big company, so our firepower is kinda limited, at this moment. For this reason, I took advantage of these days of quarantine to make a point of the situation concerning the most boring (yet important...) side of us: the finances.

We had the chance to produce a lot of characters and I love each of them like my own child, but at this moment we can't afford to grant a constant stock of all of them, I prefer to invest that money to fund new ranges.

For this reason several characters, once sold out, won't be available anymore in our online store but will be available only during the next KS campaigns (so don't despair!). This is a painful adjustment, but necessary.

However, don't think that we will dismiss half of our range: at all! The characters involved in this "financial purge" will be about 5 or 6, not a dramatic situation. I've not decided yet which ones, it's a hard decision, but I'm obviously focusing on those products that are struggling to enter in your hearts.

As you've seen, the restock has been delayed: the coronavirus emergency, as written above, have delayed our plans and above all the delivery of many KS rewards, and for this reason I won't update the online store with the new stocks (especially the Second Government ones) until we manage to ship all the KS rewards.

Sorry, I know that many of you are desperately waiting to see all those horrible "out of stock" to disappear, and believe me, I would happily receive fresh funds, but I am a man of honour and I want that KS backers receive their Second Government miniatures before anybody else. So, once all the KS are delivered, I will update the store with all the new goodies. Take a look at your email cases: as you've learned, I send only a few newsletters, but if you see something from us, you can bet that it is important!


The Elf range is growing nicely, and quickly!

You've already seen two new characters, the Archer and the Tamer, but you are not aware that I've kept secret a new Warrior character (sorry, you will see him only once the KS campaign will open!)! Moreover, soon I will be able to share with you a new Elf character, a warrior-monk (or something like that, an Elf able to hit hard with his fists and kicks and his Karatelf!)

The Elf campaign will hit KS approx in September and should (hopefully) contains at least 20 character+ all the freebies that you like so much (bases, scenic accessories, dino puppies, flonzi, more flonzi etc), so please start to save money and DO NOT let others tempt you to waste them on other miniatures (don't worry, I will buy the new Ghazkull for you): it's crucial to make another great campaign because not only I want to produce many dinosaurs (ok, and Elves), but also because 2021 should be the year of Orcs&Cats, and I have big plans for them!

Obviously, I'm just kidding: spend your money however you want.

But not for pineapple pizza.

That is a crime.

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Mar 21, 2020

@Matthew: thank you Matthew, you know, it's the special link between homonym (my name is Matteo, the Italian version of Matthew :D) <3


I love your writing style and humor. It always brightens my day reading one of your posts.

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