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Assembling the line

If you've read the newspapers, you probably have discovered that Italy is now facing the COVID-19 assault, not a funny situation at all: most of my compatriots are given to panic (understandably) and whole cities have been quarantined since yesterday.

Despite here in Turin the situation seems quite normal, with only a few cases (I honestly fear a lot more the renown level of pollution of my city, that is one of the highest in Europe...), DPF team is already quarantined at home since a week or two, submerged with boxes, resins, foam and bubble wrap (and, believe me, I'm fighting a real war to prevent my girlfriend from popping all the bubble wrap...): if I will be saved from this new virus, it will be probably thanks to my miniatures.

Or thanks to my antisocial lifestyle.

Fulfilling a whole Kickstarter campaign is not easy, especially for two persons (me and the abovementioned bubble wrap popper) and this time we are determined to avoid the mistakes made in our previous campaign, that required days and days of stressful work because of a not efficient organization.

For this reason, instead of preparing each order one by one, as we did two years ago, we decided to set a proper assembly line that would make any obsessive-compulsive individual proud.

Two years ago, in fact, we prepared the various orders individually, following an ordinary way:

•read the order

•pick the miniatures requested

•check them to discover issues

•add the relative stretch goals

•assemble the box and put the minis inside

•skip to another order and start again

It required ages, not efficient at all.

Things must change, this time, and for this reason I spent two weeks to properly set a more efficient assembly line, motivating myself listening to Italian national anthem to be in the right frame of mind and steel my determination.

•At first, we checked all the resins to detach failcasts and issue. We have been lucky, at least for this half stock: the situation is great and the quality of resins is impressive.

•We then assembled all the boxes required for shipping the Redcoat, Bluecoat and M.A.S.K bundles (Mighty Mega Box should wait a bit longer because we are waiting for the booklets!).

•We already prepared the stretch goals boxes and bundles boxes, dividing them between Red/Blue/Mask bundles.

The new, improved and 300% more efficient assembly line! Look how patriotic, disciplined and proud these boxes stand, waiting to conquer the world!

In this way, we will have only to add to the already prepared bundles any extra mini requested by the customers, to fulfil the various specific orders.

We are (well, almost) ready, guys!

We plan to ship all the Redcoats, MASK, Bluecoat rewards during this week that is coming and Mighty Mega Boxes and Mighty Collections will depart from our forge as soon as we received the booklets (MMB) and specific boxes (MC).

Soon, however.

Are you excited to finally have the Second Government range on your desk!?

And above all: which miniatures will you paint first?

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