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All aboard the hype train! (part I)

My old teacher used to teach me that a report can only be considered complete if it answers the 5 Ws questions: Who, Where, When, What, Why.

Maybe a too academic way to approach things, after all since the early 2000s the world has changed so much, especially for what concerns communication and, above all, marketing-oriented communication. Unfortunately, I have no budget to hire a hot and famous influencer to promote my KS campaign: nothing helps to fund a KS campaign than a finely crafted bikini. So I have to settle for a more traditional and humble way to focus your attention on my Elves, because we all agree that the last thing you want to see it's me, in a bikini.

So let's answer the 5 Ws questions, and let's make my old teacher proud.


The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled in late September/October. I would prefer to start as soon as possible, but I'm still waiting to receive the first 3d prints of the new range, because, you know, people would like to see at least a couple of physical samples of what we are asking to fund and this time I want to start the campaign with something more than 3d renders, as cool as they are.

A Kickstarter campaign is like a war, and the last time that an Italian guy started a war without any kind of preparation, things went really bad. So, despite I can't wait to see tons of money thrown towards us to the cry of "you guys are handsome! Please be rich!", this time I want to take my time and refine better the campaign. Any reference to the Second Government campaign is purely coincidental.


The Elves of Inneath campaign has one main quest: to fund our third range of miniatures and to bring to life the best Elf range we are able to design. We designed 17 characters, including 3 enormous kits, and we are currently sculpting the Stretch Goals range that will initially consists of 10 SG to unlock. As our tradition demands, the Stretch Goals line will be designed with the same attention that we give to our main characters and will include little gems like a new bird-themed set (Owls!) and a fresh off the shell Raptor.

Of course, both our main range and SG line might grow up, based on the funds that we will be able to collect, so if you want to see more Elves and more SG, there is only one thing to do: pump those numbers up.


Technically speaking, on Kickstarter.

But we all know that the only place where our minis belong is your hearts.


It's-a-me: Matteo. We are not talking about a big company with millions of euros to invest in. Sadly.

By taking part in my KS campaigns, you are materially allowing me to keep on living and succeeding, inside this crazy, mighty business of miniatures.

Do you know what girls really are attracted by? Men of good heart.

Imagine being at a fancy restaurant: the conversation doesn't move, discomfort is so thick you can cut it with a knife and the pasta you ordered is not al dente. You're going towards a proclaimed disaster, but then you've got the ace in the hole: "You know, I use to help little business to grow up, especially those poor beings that, instead of finding a decent job, they try the hard way by choosing a creative one".

BAM. Success guaranteed.

But, unfortunately, it can't help you with overcooked pasta.


Well, this hits me deep inside. Why do you think I abandoned Law, to dedicate myself to miniatures? It's not only a matter of Peter Pan's syndrome or a cruel way to punish my father. I love to design miniatures because it's like to make tangible stories that I'm able to share with you. I feel like a Demiurge, I can take my inner ES, and give it shape in 32mm: then you take this jumble of emotions and personal visions and you can add to it your personal taste and views, you mix it with yours. I think that this hobby, concerning the creator/customer relationship, might be incredibly intimate.

So, yes, this is what I think can better answers to this question: I've started to design miniatures because I felt that I have an interesting story to tell, and I think that miniatures are an amazing media to turn ideas into reality.

The fact that hundreds of you already supported my career makes me incredibly proud, but I'm an ambitious man and I think that, together, we can create something worthy of great expectations. I want to make better miniatures, and I want to amaze you with my ideas. I like to see your enthusiasm when I share with you a brand new sculpt. These are the reasons why I want to stay in this business for many more years.

Oh, and money.

If I ever become rich, I will invest many funds on searching a way to bring dinosaurs back to life. But only herbivorous ones.

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