Was it worth it?

"A series of unfortunate events"

Part. 4

ACT III: Exodus

Before going on with the stories of my kickstarter odyssey, I want to clarify an important thing: ok, maybe I was haunted by an unusual amount of bad luck, statistically speaking, but what I experienced is likely to be normal, in certain contexts. After all, I took the task of producing a big range of miniatures, and I wanted to create a high quality product. Moreover, for obvious reasons, I had to commit crucial production steps to external collaborators. I don't think I was lucky (not at all...), but for sure my inexperience didn't help.

In hindsight, I think that in the end "it could have been worse".

As we were saying, in August we started to deliver the first rewards: after months of frustration, it was a great emotion for all of us.

Finally I felt that we really created something.

I know that this statement could seem a bit pitying, but in fact 'till that moment no matter the years spent on sculpting, designing and working on that project: officially we hadn't put yet any products on the market.

However, even if, after the dramatic setbacks manifested during the previous months being able to ship some reward was for me an incredible joy, the situation remained still bad.

I feared so much, since the beginning, the moment of shipping: I'd never had to deliver so many parcels in my life, and I was worried by that logistic challenge.

In my original plans, I scheduled a solid and easy pipeline:

-take care personally to fulfill the rewards (banally: put the right miniatures in the right box).

-once every reward is ready, prepare a couple of pallets to be picked-up by a sorting center, that would materially handle the deliveries.

As you may imagine, it's cheaper to pick-up hundreds of parcels at the same time, rather than paying for many, but in August (and September) I had only a few resins of several stretch goals, and I would have received only small amounts of replacements, spread over the following weeks: it was simply impossible to ship all the rewards with a single pick-up. Moreover, I had to optimize everything to be able to deliver as many rewards as possible, because a lot of backers (luckily!) ordered extra stretch goals, or added more Familiars and Bulldogs to their rewards.

So I had, again, two roads before me: my pocket or my honor.

- red pill, and you'll wake up in Pietra Ligure, with a big headache and no wallet.

What did you expect, by taking a weird pill from a stranger?! -

To stick to my original plan and optimize the expenses for shipping, I should have delayed again the deliveries of rewards, by 40 days at least (consider, in fact, that I received the last replacements only two weeks ago).

To me, it was unacceptable.

I decided to think at first to my backers (as everyone would have done, after all), and I started to deliver the rewards little at time, shipping 30/40 parcels a week (with peeks of 70-80 parcels, when replacements started to arrive). Moreover, I decided also to split the delivery of several rewards in multiple shippings: some backers, for example, ordered a bundle that I could fulfill, but added extra miniatures that I hadn't the resins for. I thought it would have been horrible to make them w