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The relativity of time according to Kickstarter

This screenshot shows what I'm looking at for days, since May 30th.

Apparently, something weird is happening on my campaign, because my project is hold in review for days, with no reason or explanations, and 'till this situation won't be fixed or solved somehow, I won't be able not only to launch the campaign but also to promote it, creating the pre-publication link to share with the potential backers.

I won't lie: this is frustrating. A lot.

I don't want to panic, but if this situation does not change in a short time, I will be forced to postpone the Kickstarter campaign, with no reason.

I tried to contact the KS support, to have a kind of assistance, but the same platform that (according to their homepage) earned over 240.000$ in the last 24hours, can't afford a customer service able to answer their customers in the day: instead, they informed me they will answer me in 3 working days.

Considering that, for what concerns the review of my project, this is the 4th day of the "up to 3 working days", I'm not exactly relaxed about it.

I'm sorry for this "argumentative" post, but I don't want to wait for the very last day and give you the bad news that "you know, the campaign is delayed and I don't know why".

I prefer to ruin the momentum now, hoping to fix this odd situation and start the campaign as scheduled, rather than ruin your hype at its peak.

In the meantime, the only thing I can do is keep refreshing the page, hoping not to read "your project is in review" again, or to receive an answer from KS in a short time.

This is (hopefully...) my 5th KS campaign.

'Till now, all my projects have been positively reviewed instantly: I clicked the "submit review" and obtained the approval in 1 minute. I didn't change anything on this new campaign, I have an immaculate creator background (not a single complaint in 4 campaigns, always fulfilled all my projects), and I strictly keep my projects inside KS guidelines and rules, so I confess that this delay of theirs really drives me crazy because I'm in this kind of limbo and I don't know what to do to.

Not being able to promote, with the pre-publication page, is a complete disaster for my projects. I have a few weapons to promote my creations, and this tool is basically the most important KS tool at my disposal.

Sorry, again, for the bad vibe of this post but I wanted to keep you constantly updated (as I use to do) and share this setback in the order for you to better organize.

Of course, I will get back to you as soon as I get some kind of answer from KS.

Thank you for your patience, in Italy we say "A good day starts in the morning", let's hope then that we are handling all this campaign's setbacks in advance, and that we will have a smooth and flawless experience afterward!

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ah This is stress you don’t need going into a campaign, hope They get it sorted in time, but if not push it back a week, I’m sure everyone would understand


It happened to some of my friends, they wanted to launch a campaign and kickstarter said the revision will be done by the 25th of april. They got an answer 4 days later and they had to launch it later than they wanted. I don't know what could be the problem but there's definitely something wrong with kickstarter these days.


My bet would be that the significant increase in price per figure between this KS and your earlier ones (caused, obviously, by it being larger scale), has probably triggered some sort of automatic review process.

Jun 03, 2022
Replying to

Uhm, this is an interesting view, but I think that comparing to the other campaigns, rewards' prices are about the same overall.. the most expensive reward of this campaign is the MMB, which is 315€, while in the other campaigns I offered rewards even higher in price (the friendly mega box, for example, was about 320 euros, the mightiest mega box was 350 euros). The reward that handles the individual figures starts at 35€ (the cheapest), on other campaigns started at 12€...

I don't know for sure something "technical" happened, because it is not something related to the campaign settings because, in that case, KS should have contacted me to ask for changes (and that didn't happen).

Apparently, it seems…

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