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The orange friday!

Next week I'll finally move to the new house in Turin.

You know, if I'd told this statement to one of my Roman friends (or Italian friends in general) I would have received a single, unavoidable answer: "e 'sti cazzi?" ( often contracted "sticazzi?", lit: "and what about these penises?").


Because Romans, still nowadays, have a spontaneous and visceral way of dealing with the normal situations of life and when somebody enthusiastically or naively tells you a good (for him) news that, however, doesn't influence at all your life, they find a super-effective way to remember him to stay humble, and not to show off because, after all, nobody cares.

Do you know about the "memento mori" thing, right?

'Sticazzi is a sort of more modern and extremely rude version of it.

However, I'm not here only to bring some genuine Italian vibe to your life (and I don't encourage you to vulgarly express, at all!), and above all my initial statement in a certain way could positively affect your life.

Next week I'll move to a new house, and that means that I finally leave a situation that, even if allowed me to spend more time with my family here in Liguria (always a priceless thing), gave me a lot of work tribulations (for example, consider that the whole Kickstarter project has been managed on a 9m² room!) and divided the Durgin Paint Forge crew for almost a year. On second thought, this last year has been as a sort of classic shōnen manga timeskip!

I was saying: how my upcoming moving affects you.

I've always dreamed about organizing a Black Friday on my webstore. I know that selling stuff at half (or almost) of its price shouldn't be considered an interesting perspective for a seller, but I confess I've always been a little jealous of the excitement induced by the Black Friday sales (for example, I think that Wyrd is a master with Black Friday hype!), and even if here in Italy this event is almost new (and not well understood, I fear, considering how many "It's Black Friday sales, folks! Take this awesome product, with a special 5% discount!!! CRAAAAZY!!!" I saw here...), I love it.

Unfortunately, I realized that this year BF will happen right when the eye of the moving storm will open.

That means that even this year I won't be able to organize a proper Black Friday, because I will be busy with ikea assembling-room organizing-inventorying my whole life.

However, we are not here in this crazy world to complain about things, so I decided to build my own Black Friday, with blackjack and hookers. Except for Black Friday and blackjack. And hookers (Ikea became quite expensive, recently!).

So I'm happy to present you: the Orange Friday!

This Friday, November 16th, when I'll be waiting for my kitchen to be assembled (unfortunately, it doesn't seem at all like Voltron...), you will be able to purchase my dwarves at ridiculous prices!

Sadly, I won't be able to display all my full power, because I'm still waiting for the new resins of several key-characters (it seems that you like so much our Sentinels!), but at least: the more dwarves you grab, the less I'll have to move to the new house!



..ok, probably this is the true reason I organized the Orange Friday.

I've had enough of boxing things!

So, will you take part to the Orange Friday? Or do you prefer to grab my dwarves later, at full price, so I will be able to buy that brand new Nordli system I need for my studio?

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