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The Goblin crew is gathering!

In the previous post, you've seen the Goblin Raider A, the first Goblin character of this range. As you surely know, Goblins love to be part of a crew (they are definitely not lone wolves!), so here are two new characters ready to join the range: the Goblin Raider B and a mighty Goblin Captain!

As you can see, when I said that Goblins do love fireworks, I wasn't lying: these guys will surely bring some explosive action to the battlefield!

Despite the concept being pretty simple, I confess that I love these little Goblins and I plan to design more of them!

The Goblin Raider B carries on his back a whole warehouse of explosive weapons: bombs, dynamite sticks, and even primitive rockets! He's definitely a guy that you don't want to be close to you when the battle starts!

The character design is pretty simple, the only fancy detail is the helmet (clearly borrowed from an Orc) to keep consistency with the overall range, but this kit is meant to be easy and quick to paint.

In-game (yes, I'm not forgetting to develop it!), this guy will act exactly as you imagine, being able to blow up things (including barriers!) from a distance. Don't expect him to aim accurately, but in the end you don't need to be Legolas to make good use of a bomb.

The explosive backpack is not just an aesthetic detail, but it represents specific equipment that Goblin Raiders can select: it gives the bearer more efficiency in battle, but at a cost...

I'm particularly proud of the Goblin Captain. He's meant to be an upgrade of average Goblins, but it's not just a Raider with bigger bombs.

I spent some time imagining a good characterization of him, and after having discarded many ideas, I had a revelation: a baseball player! Let me explain it better.

If you have noticed, each range of Inneath has its own real-world origin: the Dwarves of Kazhuk Izril represent North Europe, the Second Government of Inneath the Napoleonic age, The Elves of Inneath were designed as a mix between South America and SE Asia.

The Orcs of Inneath have a clear reminder of North America, the most evident is the Old West vibe. In fact, the Goblins' design started with a simple idea: the 4th of July!

When I imagined the Goblin Captain, I wanted him to subtly represent another American trope, so I decided to give him a baseball bat simply because I love the idea of a Goblin that throws bombs all around the battlefield, like a crazy baseball player!

Goblins have a more piratesque style, compared to Orcs, so I decided to give him a fancy hat and coat to reflect his superior status. The more observant among you may note that this goblin's coat is very similar to that worn by the little girl of Lunchtime, but I want to be mean (after all, it's a post about Goblins!) and won't clarify if this is exactly the same coat and, in that case, who stole it from who...

The Goblin Captain is one of the few members of this range that doesn't smile: I think it's frustrating to be in charge of a crew of Goblins, it must be a stressful life for sure.

I wouldn't be surprised to know that he uses his bat more against his own soldiers than against the enemies!

Expect to see more Goblins in the next months.

The next in line, the Goblin Raider C, is probably the cutest character of this range (I know, you are confused, but you will see!) and I can't wait to show you the Goblin Merchant and slowly explore the dark alleys of the black market (when I say "slowly" I mean it literally. You will see)!

So, are you planning to add some Goblins to your crew?

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"So, are you planning to add some Goblins to your crew?"Hell yeah!!


May 12, 2023

Im going to need all the goblins, please and thank you 😁. They look amazing really looking forward to their release

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