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Pss pss! The Goblin Thief!

The Goblin Thief is one of those kits that I create with dioramas in mind. I enjoy designing versatile and funny miniatures so that hobbyists can have fun and incorporate them into various contexts! Specifically, the two protagonists of this kit are obviously designed to go together, but I can't wait to see how many of you will use this unfriendly cat in other contexts! For example, I will use only the Goblin in my mega diorama that I'm planning for Monte San Savino 2023, while the grumpy cat will have its own diorama that I can't wait to show you!

But let's start from the beginning.

This subject is, of course, an archetype of the classic role-playing game, and I couldn't resist reinterpreting it in my own way. From the start, I wanted to maintain a very traditional concept so that it would be immediately recognizable as a "thief," and I focused on creating a funny scene by having it interact with a rather grumpy cat, in order to integrate it into the rest of the range. The idea is quite simple: the Goblin has just ransacked the chests of some wealthy aristocratic residence, and as you can imagine, he's trying to make his escape as quickly as possible. However, during his getaway, he encounters this stray cat and couldn't resist the idea of cuddling it a bit!

The interaction between the two characters is, of course, the focal point of this concept, and it was challenging but also a lot of fun to try to capture the typical "pss pss" calling sound in the sculpture! The stray cat doesn't seem particularly friendly, quite the opposite, but I imagine the Goblin won't easily give up on the idea of petting the feline!

I wanted to give the cat a hostile attitude not only to enhance the humor of the scene but also to capture the classic snobbishness of cats, something anyone who has had a cat knows well. Furthermore, I believe that the expressiveness of this grumpy cat is truly versatile and can fit into many amusing scenarios!

As for the rest, this character has a simple design without too many intrusive details: I think it will be very fun to paint precisely because it's the type of sculpture that adapts to different interpretations!

The Goblin Thief is a kit that adds narrative depth to the Orc range, despite being one of the simplest and certainly less imposing sculpts. I believe it will win many hearts thanks to its funny and somewhat carefree atmosphere, a concept on which I wanted to base this new range of miniatures from the very beginning.

Speaking of cats, don't think it ends here, quite the opposite! I will actually make two sets of cats (7 sculptures in total) to accompany the Orc range of Inneath, and I'm sure they will be the stars of the project, much to the dismay of their towering owners!

What do you think of this latest scene?

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