I confess: I am a weak man.

After our Kickstarter campaign, in fact, I promised to focus myself on the other kins of Inneath: after all, my final goal is a skirmish game and I can't publish a game based only on dwarves (really? REALLY?!).

However, since the very first minutes after the end of the Kickstarter campaign, I felt like I was missing something.

After we designed the Bluecoat Pathfinder, I suddenly realized what woodworm nestled greedy in my mind: I needed to design a proper colossal, dwarf-themed centerpiece!!

"But what does a dwarf have to do with a human range?!"

Well, my friends, let me unveil my trap card.

To avoid any kind of dwarf-abstinence, in fact, I spread all over the setting of Inneath a meticulous series of excuses made precisely to always have a reason to design a new dwarf character, no matter the context.

Concerning the human range, and in specific the Second Government, the most diligent readers among you may have already guessed what I'm referring to: Zorn Uzul.

For those of you that haven't already read the little booklet "Peoples of Inneath", let the fluff flows!

Zorn Uzul was a rich fortress, funded by dwarves before the great calamity that torn apart the whole Inneath. After those apocalyptic events, the few survivors found themselves at the mercy of events and they thought they were abandoned by Gods.

They decided, then, not to look at their past anymore: instead, they only focused on the future. They open the gates of Zorn Uzul to other kins and, since then, they worshiped only one god: the Progress. This enormous city-island, now, is a jumble of lodges and guilds engaged in a constant dispute against each other, a sort of capitalistic utopia (or dystopia?).

Here, dwarves don't care about anything but being able to push forward the furnace of progress: if it requires sacrifices, bad expedients or exploitation of resources, so be it!

Zorn Uzul, in fact, has no enemies apart those who hamper its ravenous business.

In all this, they see in the Second Government the best business associate of Inneath: after all, the relentless ambition and the large finances of the human nation marry perfectly with the interests of the dwarves of Zorn Uzul, and over the years they consolidated a strong political and, above all, economic tie.

The trade is simple: the Second Government provides financial resources and raw materials to the lodges of Zorn Uzul, and it receive in return the best technology of the city.

So, as you can see it's perfectly legit and appropriate to design a dwarf character of Zorn Uzul within the Second Government range.

THE Iron titan