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On the march! (well, April...)

So, things are going into places finally and I can clearly see the new Kickstarter campaign on the horizon.

It's funny because we made our first one two years ago, but to me it's like I started it two months ago! As you may imagine, I'm again in that kind of emotional roller coaster called "the month before a Kickstarter campaign": a moment before, I'm totally excited and highly motivated, imagining myself at the top of the whole miniatures world, a moment later I'm in the fetal position, crying that nobody would ever buy a single miniature.

This is me, in the next 2 months.

However, now I'm in the "happy moment" so I have to take advantage of it to present the news of our latest project: The Second Government of Inneath.

Let's start with the good news: we sculpted all the characters planned for the campaign! That means not only the 15 initial characters, but also the 3 stretch goals that (hopefully!) you will unlock during the campaign!

If you are new, here, or if you just want to refresh your memory looking at all the amazing characters we sculpted, here an update summary:


The Bluecoat bundle is the first and also your favorite one (I made a survey about it, I have scientific proofs about!). It contains two Bluecoat Soldiers, a mighty Admiral, a Bluecoat Pathfinder riding a Kenken (not a Parasaurolophus, but supercool the same) and a Bluecoat Captain with a regiment banner.

The Redcoat Bundle is my favorite one (don't look at me like that, we all know that there is always a favorite child!!), and contains a wide range of military specialized characters, plus the best dwarf character we ever sculpted. I really can't wait to paint the Redcoat Admiral, but before I have to paint my beloved Iron Crows. So see you in 2045, for further details!

Last, but not least (or it's least but not last? I don't remember) the Arcane Bundle, which is my girlfriend's favorite. This probably contains the most particular and hipster characters, but we all know that the undisputed stars of the scene are my beloved Flonzi. I will made a whole blog post dedicated to them, and you will like them, no matter how or why. You HAVE to love Flonzi.

Of course, there will be the iconic Mighty Mega Box, including all these characters (and exclusive stuff!) at a shamefully convenient price, and a Friendly Mega Box: the favorite one of best bros and recasters!

Okay, so what, that's it? Not at all! As I wrote before, we have sculpted 3 more characters, that will be unlocked as stretch goals during the campaign! You have already seen the first one, the Redcoat Spitfire:

This character, if unlocked, will be added for free in any Redcoat Bundle and Mighty Mega Box/Friendly Mega Box.

You haven't already seen, however, the remaining two: the Bluecoat Sentinel and the new Grimorian!

The Bluecoat Sentinel, if unlocked, will be added for free in any Bluecoat Bundle and Mighty Mega Box/Friendly Mega Box.

The Grimorian, if unlocked, will be added for free in...guess what? Yes, in any Arcane Bundle and big box rewards!

Don't worry: as soon as I have the .obj files for keyshot, I will make beautiful and detailed renders of these new characters!


So, with all the 3d sculptures of the main characters done, we are almost at the end of the pre-production: Valerio and Davide are now focusing on the stretch goals sculpt (scenic bases, more gods and so on...), and everything seems to proceed nicely. I've decided to schedule the campaign in April for two main reasons: I want to have all the features sculpted, in order to be able to speed up the post-campaign production (it's better to wait now, I think you all agree with me!), and above all I would like to know what will happen with that international mess called Brexit.

UK customers are a big slice of Durgin Paint Forge's cake, and before starting a KS campaign, I would like to better know what we are getting into, with Brexit. I will make as soon as possible a whole post dedicated to it, but I want that all of you UK people know one thing: you may leave EU, but you will always have a place in our family, so don't worry, we will face the upcoming storm as one, and you will always be able to get our miniatures, no matter how.

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