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The Orcs of Inneath have a real obsession with cats, by now you should know that! With these premises, dedicating a large part of the stretch goals range to the cute four-legged felines seemed natural, if not obligatory!

As always, the idea behind the stretch goals of my Kickstarter campaigns is to provide accessory elements in line with the main range, complementing and enriching it by adding scenic and animal elements. These kits usually achieve great success among the backers: so why change the formula?!

Specifically, I've tried to capture the essence of these adorable felines, immortalizing them in typical scenes that I'm sure will bring more than one smile (of course, the cat using the bidet is almost too easy!). Some cats are particularly suitable for certain characters in the range. I'm thinking of the cat in the chest, which is the perfect travel companion for the Orc Captain, as both seem very attracted to luxury!

You might also have noticed that the sculpture style is more stylized and cartoonish rather than realistic. This is both to establish a unique style that sets them apart from the kits of other manufacturers and to have models that are easier to paint. I love the fact that our animals have their own personality and expressiveness, but above all, I've learned from the past that an excessive pursuit of realism, especially on small 32mm scale subjects, is often counterproductive. This choice is very evident in the two small parrots you see in the first picture, which have a highly stylized and cartoonish look.

Similar subjects, in my opinion, are incredibly useful for enriching dioramas and scenic bases (you'll also see a set of pigeons!). But given their very small size, I decided to exaggerate their proportions and go for a more cartoonish style to make them fun to paint.

Speaking of painting, I've completed a new model: Orc Warrior B!

Can I say it? I will.

I believe it's the most beautiful kit we've made so far. Don't get me wrong, my judgment might change as I paint the other kits in this range, but I have to say that at the moment, I can't recall a kit we've done that's been so fun and satisfying to paint. I've had a blast like rarely before, and I hope this bodes well for the success of this range. In the past, we often created kits that were visually stunning but also very challenging to tackle. These Orcs are giving me excellent feelings, artistically speaking – it's reassuring!

There's also some news on "Alberto, the Contest" front! Starting tomorrow, I'll be launching pre-orders for the Alberto kit, which will be shipped on August 18th. This way, I'll have some time to organize the prints better (remember that the pieces will be sold at only the cost of shipping!) and minimize waste.

I hope many of you participate; organizing this first contest excites me! In advance, I thank all the hobbyists who will participate in the contest and also everyone who helps me involve as many people as possible.

I hope it will be a fun and exciting event for all of you!

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2 Kommentare

Juan Albuerne
Juan Albuerne
07. Aug. 2023

I love those cats. Will you be selling them?

Gefällt mir
07. Aug. 2023
Antwort an

Yes Juan, they will be part of the Orcs range ^^

Gefällt mir
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